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Dusit International's vision for expansion

Dusit International draws on over 65 years of experience in the hospitality industry. This heritage has provided the foundation to develop hospitality expertise in both domestic and international markets as well as to be a pioneer in hospitality education.

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Dusit Thani Hotels & Resorts

Traditional Thai grandeur, a rich heritage and world-renowned hospitality

Dusit Thani serves as a trusted symbol of traditional Thai values, offering elegant accommodation and warm hospitality that blends the best of Thai culture with world-class standards.

Brand Characteristics:

  • 38-42 sq m net guestroom with extraordinary room facilities as well as impeccable service.
  • An exceptional infrastructure and services for all occasions including special celebrations and major business and social events.
  • A minimum of two food and beverage outlets including dining facilitiy, a bar and lounge areas
  • A Health Club and Spa in all properties

Opening Soon

Dusit Thani Hotels

Dusit Devarana

Dusit Devarana Hotels & Resorts

An intimate sanctuary of cultured refinement for the exacting, well-travelled individual

Dusit Devarana leverages Dusit International's rich cultural heritage and history of service excellence to offer a transcendental, intimate, high-end sanctuary experience. With personalised, discreet and flawless service, Dusit Devarana provides an escape from the everyday world – a sense of renewal, and renaissance of the mind.

Brand Characteristics:

  • A unique arrival experience that allows the guest experience to start with a decompression period, followed by a sense of delight through de-stressing and the attention to every single need in a subtle and gracious manner.
  • 45-50 sq m net guestroom with exceptional quality, personalized facilities and services
  • A minimum of two food and beverage outlets with dining facilities, a bar and lounge areas
  • A Health Club & Spa in all properties allowing guests to reconnect with an empowered body and mind.

Opening Soon

  • Dusit Devarana Baoting Hainan, China
  • Dusit Devarana Dianchi Lake, Kunming, China
  • Dusit Devarana Hot Springs & Spa Conghua, Guangzhou, China

Dusit Devarana Hotels

dusitD2 Hotels & Resorts

Contemporary colourful chic and a refreshing sense of playfulness

dusitD2 is a contemporary hotel and resort brand whose distinctive combination of cutting-edge design, high-tech connectivity and efficient, modern convenience reflects the needs and desires of today’s new generation traveller.

Brand Characteristic:

  • A stylish place to meet and interact – a place dedicated to allowing guests to be and feel their best.
  • 28-32 sq m net guestroom with modern facilities and friendly service
  • A minimum of two food and beverage outlets with dining facilities, a bar and lounge areas

Opening Soon

  • dusitD2 Khao Yai, Thailand
  • dusitD2 New Delhi, India
  • dusitD2 Urbana, Gurgaon, india

dusitD2 Hotels

Dusit Princess Hotels and Resorts

Affordable excellence in convenient locations – helping you make the most of each journey

Dusit Princess is a mid-market brand that embodies understated elegance combined with efficient practicality. Welcoming and uncomplicated, Dusit Princess is ideal for the no-nonsense traveller.

Brand Characteristic:

  • Ergonomic design; technical facilities will be used to support guest comfort — well designed spaces to meet the practical needs
  • 28 sq m net guestroom with modern facilities and personal service experience
  • A minimum of two food and beverage outlets with dining facilities, a bar and lounge areas
  • Health Club in all properties.

Dusit Princess Hotels

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