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dusitD2 baraquda pattaya

dusitD2 baraquda pattaya joined United Nations (UN) celebrating World Oceans Day

Pattaya, Thailand – dusitD2 baraquda pattaya recently hosted “Returning baby Clownfish to their home reefs” as part of the World Oceans Day’s celebration. dusitD2 baraquda pattaya together with Divecafe.net and many global organisations, and thousands of individuals from around the world participated in the World Oceans Day, which is recongnised by the United Nation (UN) as an opportunity to celebrate and improve the health of the world’s oceans.

The “Returning baby Clownfish to their home reefs” event was held in Sattahip, Chonburi on 8 June 2010.  The event was joined by 25 volunteer scuba divers as well as Thailand’s renowned underwater photographers and celebrities, such as Mr. Duangdao Suwanarangsri (Editor of the Nature Explorer magazine) Mr. Songpol Amnartsingh, Mr. Nat Samoontamee (Thailand’s no. 1 & 2 underwater photographer.), Mr. Jeerakit Suwanabhap (Actor), Plernny Thaitanium (Singer) and many more.

“We at dusitD2 baraquda pattaya are very proud to play a significant part of making this world a better place to live. We hope that this initiative has increased the awareness of the importance of the world’s ocean in people’s daily lives. Together with thousands of people from around the world joining hands, we can make a real difference in our underwater environment,” said Mr. Michael Ganster, Hotel Manager of dusitD2 baraquda pattaya.

“Additionally, Clownfish symbolises dusitD2 as it has an orange and white-striped body, which matches the brand colour. Furthermore, its popularity has contributed to the depletion of the fish in its habitats worldwide. Therefore, we would like to remind everyone of the importance of this marine life and protect them from extinction,” added Mr. Ganster.

This activity is a part of the Ocean Project, which is an international network of over 1,000 aquariums, zoos, museums, and conservation organisations including dusitD2 baraquda pattaya. The Ocean Project work closely with the World Ocean Network to coordinate and organise activities worldwide under the theme “Oceans of Life – Pick your Favorite * Protect your Favorite” with the special focus on connecting the public with their favourite ocean animal to conserving the world’s oceans.

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