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Passion, Love and Dreams

Story of my journey and what I love about Thailand!
Interview with dusitD2 baraquda pattaya’s longest stay guest – Mr. Chris George

Pattaya, Thailand – dusitD2 baraquda pattaya is not only a place for cool, trendy and young crowds gathering for a chic getaway weekend but it is also a second home of many celebrities and famous inhabitants. One of those is the hotels longest staying guest, Mr. Chris George.

Chris George has been living in Thailand at this location continuously since March 2009, a few months after the hotel’s opening, and has no plans to rest his head anywhere else in the near future. Staff at dusitD2 couldn’t be happier with that decision as he spreads passion, love and dreams wherever he goes. The dusitD2 family has been inspired by his warmth, openness and support since the first day he walked through the door. Some people are passionate for life; Mr. George is one of those souls.

Passion, love and dreams, these are the three hallmarks of Mr. George. He not only speaks this way but his life reflects multi-coloured dreams that far surpass most of us. Multi-faceted life? Try this in your next life; Voted best DJ in France and England, Gala openings of major clubs in both France and England, host to the world’s top celebrities and royalty, epicure extraordinaire in both France and Thai cuisine arts with London’s top Thai venue “sugar hut,” and get this…before any internet café existed in Thailand or most places in the world, the very first internet café opened in London in 1994. Who made it happen? Chris George!

Chris has had a long and distinguished career, with a dedicated work ethic and unrivalled passion for detail. Mr. George has excelled and been recognised for success and quality in every project he has been involved with. With his solid background in the leisure industry as well as property and finance, he owned and operated some of the most prestigious and famous nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Europe and England.

In the early days of his career, Chris George was inspired by music -- which came from within, because he was a natural DJ from the beginning.  It is easy to see that for this reason alone literally thousands and thousands of people have been drawn to his music from the heart and in the process of doing what he loved, success came naturally. The fact that the rich and famous also flocked to his doors certainly didn’t hurt his reputation and yet they were treated no differently as Mr. George’s philosophy was always expressed, as he put it, “through these doors pass the nicest people in the world..our customers.”

Mr. George said he’s been lucky.  Yet we all know that luck is the calling card of those who spread joy into the lives of others; it’s likely that this natural trait helped Chris George expand his world in many ways. He became a world traveller and unofficial authority in fine food and notably says that Thailand is the only place in the world that you can find five star food right off the street.  Just the same, you are more likely to find Mr. George dining poolside at dusitD2 baraquda pattaya than any other place in Pattaya.

A lot of People may wonder why Chris George chose Thailand and dusitD2 baraquda pattaya to be his second home. Let’s put it in his words, “Thailand for me is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and it doesn’t matter what culture or region you are in, you are always welcome and greeted with a warm smile in Thailand. I have been coming to Thailand since 1978, when I fell in love with Thailand. I fell in love with the gentle nature of the Thai people, the culture, the religion, the landscape and most importantly for me the Thai food,” said Mr. George. “And the reason I chose dusitD2 as my second home is because I love the architecture as well as the beauty of the hotel and all of staff who are so kind, gentle and willing to help you and make me feel at home at all given times. I must not forget that this is the only hotel in the world that I have my own personal motorbike valet that brings my scooter and helmet to me at the front of the hotel door and even wipes it down for me when it has been raining.” Mr. George continued.

Mr. George’s very first experience with Dusit was back in 1978 when the CEO of Thai Airways International returned Mr. George’s hospitality by organising a fabulous and unique weekend for him which he claims is one of his most memorable experience in Thailand.

One of his most impressive moments from that trip was at Bangkok’s leading landmark hotel – The Dusit Thani Bangkok where he stayed in the Thai Heritage Suite with his own butler and housekeeper as well as personalised bathrobe, slippers and pool bags. Mr. George became loyal to the Dusit brand ever since as he said, “The Dusit Thani Bangkok experience for me combined everything from the taste of the cuisine to the welcoming assistance I found from every location.”

Nowadays Mr. George likes the new trend that dusitD2 brings to the brand even though he still recalls one of his most memorable experience in Thailand as he was living as well as any king. How do you top an act like that? Who knows…..maybe we should ask him as it seems he has a lot more imagination than the next guy but then, when one’s foundation is based on passion, love and dreams maybe somehow he tapped into some universal force.  May the force be with you Chris!

(Mr. Chris George (Center) with hotel executives & staff of dusitD2 baraquda pattaya)

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