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Thai ‘Rice’ Above for 2010

Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce has embarked on a project dubbed as “Thai Rice Road Show” in congruence to its aim at promoting Thai Rice as part of the “Amazing Taste of the World” concept. The event in Dubai took place on 30 September 2010, 1pm to 8pm at the Al Wasl Ballroom, Dusit Thani Dubai.

In the UAE, Jasmine rice is most popular among the Thai rice available in the market. This long-grain variety of rice is known for its less sticky component, pandan-like flavour and fragrance. In recent years, the Thai government has endeavoured to set guidelines to protect Thailand’s major export.

Thai rice, along with Pakistani and Indian rice, is one of the rice types with highest consumption in the United Arab Emirates. With more than 30 companies buying rice in the country, this particular industry is indeed prominent. According to the Rice Market Monitor, Volume XIII – Issue No. 2 published by The Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the world rice trade in 2010 has anticipated 3.8%, or 1.1 million tones, above the 2009 low level. United Arab Emirates is said to be one of the nations fuelling this growth. Other countries with greater imports are Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, and Yemen.

Thailand’s leading food connoisseur, ML Sirichalerm Svasti or ‘Chef McDang’, graced the event as a special guest speaker presenting “Thai Rice and the Principle of Thai Cookery”—the most world-renowned Thai cook book. Chef Mcdang carries with him a notable profile apart from being born into the Thai royal family. He completed his early education in the UK and USA. It led to a career as Executive Chef and restaurant owner throughout Washington DC, Florida and California before resettling to Thailand. More than a decade has transformed him into the respected ambassador for Thai cuisine; author and television show host that he is today.

In addition, the road show featured cooking demonstration from winners of the “Thai Rice Cook Contest”. An ensemble of various rice menus were showcased therein.

Photo shown: Thailand’s leading food connoisseur, chef, TV host and author,
ML Sirichalem Svasti otherwise known as “Chef McDang”


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