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Renowned Chef Promotes Thai Rice—Thailand’s Major Export

Thailand’s leading food connoisseur, ME Sirichalerm Svasti or ‘Chef McDang,’ showcased his exemplary talents and knowledge on Thai cuisines during the recently concluded Thai Rice Road Show. The event aimed at promoting Thai Rice as part of the ‘Amazing Taste of the World’ concept which was organized by Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce. It was held on 30 September 2010 at Dusit Thani Dubai.

Also present at the event was Thailand’s Consul General to the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Mr Pasan Teparak. He officially welcomed the attendees with an afternoon of informative discussion on one of Thailand’s most in-demand exports. With immense pride, he introduced Chef McDang as the distinguished guest speaker.

Chef McDang carried with him a notable profile, apart from being born as one of the Thai royal family members, he completed his early education in the UK and USA. This led to a career as executive chef and restaurant owner throughout Washington DC, Florida and California before resettling to Thailand. More than a decade has transformed him into the respected ambassador for Thai cuisine; author and television show host that he is today. Additionally, he is the author of the Thai Rice and the Principle of Thai Cookery, the most world-renowned Thai cook book.

The articulate speaker shared facts on Thai food influences, ingredients, and dining traditions. He spoke of how Thai cuisine evolved and was mastered during the reign of King Rama V—a period of modernisation for Siam that subsequently led to what we now know as Thailand. Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and Indian flavours had transformed Thai cuisine into the exceptional, palatable fare it is today. Dining, he said, is also an exhibit of Thailand’s culture. “We eat ‘family style.’ The only individual thing is when we eat off our own plate. The rest of it we share,” he emphasized on how to appreciate Thai cuisine and culture.

Thai rice, being the centre of the whole function, was further illustrated for the understanding of the attendees. It is most popular type, the Thai Hom Mali or the Jasmine Rice, proves to be more than what meets the eye, taste buds, and stomach. Traditionally Jasmine Rice took on its name because it shares the colour of a jasmine flower. Contrary to the common notion that it also smells like jasmine, it actually possesses a pandan-like scent. Thailand’s Department of Intellectual Property had applied for the geographical identification of Thung Kula Rong-Hai. The vast plain was said to be the only place in the world that produced this distinct type of Jasmine rice - consistent with the high-standard characteristics in scent, color, and texture. The whole symposium was presented - with interactive and lively delivery in accord - and made the subject interesting and note-worthy.

Cooking demonstrations using Thai rice had been featured during the latter part of the event. Aside from the white fragrant rice, Chef McDang introduced other healthy variances such as the black, brown, and red rice. Dignitaries of various Nationalities spent the rest of the evening celebrating the continuous success that is Thailand’s rice industry.


Renowned Chef Promotes Thai Rice—Thailand’s Major Export

Thailand’s “Chef McDang” (middle) with Consul General H.E. Pesan Tarak
(2nd from left) and Dusit Thani Dubai’s General Manager Mr James R. Wilson (2nd from right)
Renowned Chef Promotes Thai Rice—Thailand’s Major Export
The country boasts of high quality and quality exports
of rice in different variances

Renowned Chef Promotes Thai Rice—Thailand’s Major Export

Thailand’s celebrity chef and Consul General imparts the “taste” of the
unique Thai Hom Mali rice (Jasmine Rice)



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