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Off The Beaten Track – Chatuchak Weekend Market

Off The Beaten Track – Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market is famous to Bangkok’s residents.  After all, this is the world’s largest weekend market, selling practically everything under the sun. There are almost 9,000 individual booths overflowing with every imaginable type of ware one can fancy.  Once inside the market, a world of bustling crowds and stalls can be found and stretches as far as the eye can see. 

Chatuchak Market is also a wonderful place where guests can find some interesting objects from far-off lands.  Vendors, rely on shouting, making odd noises, playing music and even wearing outlandish clothes to capture the attention of passing shoppers.

The real charm of the market lies in the fact that bargaining is something expected.  Whether a discount is received or depends on the negotiating skills.  Don’t be surprised if the same goods bought carry different prices at different stalls.

Ready to begin your shopping?   Well, mingle with the crowds, sweat it out and have fun in world’s largest weekend market open on Saturday s and Sundays.  Take either the BTS skytrain to Mo Chit station or the MRT metro to Suan Chatuchak station.

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