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Scoop up Your Skin with Devarana Spa’s Ice Cream Scrubs

Ice cream reminds us the happy memory of our childhood. The aroma in ice cream scoops can turn a stressful person into a stress-free one.

Throughout 2013, Devarana Spa has created a range of ice cream scrubs to beautify your skin and to relax your mind with its alluring selection of four cooling luscious ice cream for skin exfoliation – Chocolate Ice Cream Scrub, Coconut Ice Cream Scrub, Rose Ice Cream Scrub and Thai Tea Ice Cream Scrub.

the delightful way to enjoy ice cream scrub is simple, just selecting your favorite flavor, then therapist will complete the deep cleansing ritual for you. A unique blend of sweet potatoes, oatmeal and aromatic oils together with other essential ingredients will tighten your skin pores, tone and moisturize your skin, relieve the sunburn skin condition and turn it into luminous glow with the subtle pure essential oil scent according to your chosen flavor.

the cool sensation from ice cream exfoliation at temperature around 15 - 20 degree Celsius will provide the benefits of skin inflammatory reduction and muscle soreness relief.

price: THB 2,100 ++ (60 mins per 1 scrub)

*prices are subject to service charge and government tax.

For more information, please call +66 (0) 53-999-999 or E-mail: d2cm@dusit.com