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“Khao-Chae” Promotion at Benjarong restaurant 22-29 April

From 20-29 April, Dusit Thani Bangkok’s Benjarong restaurant will be creating mouth watering variants on Thailand’s favourite summer dish, khao chae. Earning its status as a dish of Royal Thai Cuisine khao chae – which means rice soaked in water – made its first appearance in the court of King Rama II as a means of relief during the hot season.

Khao chae itself is quite simple. Just rice, jasmine water and crushed ice. The complex side dishes are what make this annual meal so sought after. Most of the sides tend to be sweet, except for one: young green peppers stuffed with minced pork, which are then drizzled in egg and fried.

Another must-have khao chae component is deep-fried kapi (shrimp paste) balls, which are rolled in ground coconut, battered and then deep-fried to perfection. This also goes well with kra-chai, or fresh Chinese ginger, which is usually served along with other fresh vegetables such as cucumber, spring onions and strips of raw mango.

Executive Assistant Manager Food and Beverage Alex Schillinger said, “Khao Chae is Thailand’s classic summer treat and is rarely found during any month except April. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the refreshing qualities of this dish at our Royal Thai Cuisine outlet, Benjarong”.

For reservations, please call (0) 2200 9000 ext. 2699