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Bangkok’s Chinatown / Yaowarat Road

Bangkok’s Chinatown is a popular tourist attraction and a food haven for a new generation of gourmands who flock here after sunset to explore the vibrant street-side cuisine located on Yaowarat Road. Dispersing off Yaowarat Road is an entanglement of narrow alleys and backstreets offering insight into how the Chinese community have preserved their cultural traditions, celebrations and identities for over two centuries.

Since Chinatown is an area bustling with activity and commerce; parking space is scarce. The best way to access Chinatown is by public transport, taxi or a ‘tuk-tuk', a unique motorized tricycle in Thailand. Get off at Trimit Road, east of Yaowarat Road, or Charoen Krung Road, parallel to Yaowarat Road at its north and explore Chinatown by foot. For alternative nightlife options, a quick and painless ride on MRT (underground) or BTS (Skytrain) will take you to all Bangkok’s best nightlife spots.

PLACE: Chinatown Bangkok
LOCATION: Yaowarat Road
OPENING HOURS: 5 pm to 1 am

NOTE: Best time to go there - During 4 important festivals,

Chinese New Year Festival which falls on varying dates in January or February
Nguan Chioew Festival held 14 days after the Chinese New Year Festival
Chinese Sart Festival in August
Chinese Lunar Moon Festival usually held a month after the Chinese Sart Festival