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Organic Garden at Dusit Island Resort Chiang Rai
June 2015

Recognizing the importance of environment and community, Mana Chanhorm General Manager, the management and staff of Dusit Island Resort Chiang Rai are committed to improving the environment. Coupled with the sufficiency economy philosophy, we have initiated organic gardens, in the developing areas of the Dusit Island Resort, Chiang Rai. Nowadays chemicals in agriculture are extremely dangerous, both to consumers and the environment. These cause soil and water pollution affecting many aspects of our delicate ecosystem: Changing this pattern must be a driving force for social awareness, given the importance of the environment.

The organic garden project was launched in late 2012 by a cooperative effort of employees and executives. Since the opening, it has developed rapidly. Varied domestic and imported plant species are used to experiment with plant propagation. Cropping systems do not use chemicals in spaces around the island hotel area. Net gardening is helping to prevent infestation of pests and control any negative impacts of the natural environment. A moderate investment in the mushroom farm created an opportunity to build a strong building, using a sun roof for rain control and ventilation. Also raising earthworms to decompose food scraps, and excrement, allows fertilizer valuable for the project. There is also biological fermentation that accelerates the growth rate of plants and also use of insects as well.

The plan includes a herb garden, which is open for guests and travelers to visit, relax and study the botanical and herbal plant life. The project is also considering further dried herbal, dabber and products from the herb garden. Shopping for health services and massage services for guests of the hotel and leisure travelers alike is also being looked at. There are programs that can use vegetables from our organic garden, picked by you, for cooking, learning cropping systems, and developing a good attitude toward the environment.

Almost all material are recycled in order to avoid waste. Reduced energy consumption and reduced use of natural resources are needed because our world is not to be used for consumption; and because there is too much waste; environmentally friendly ways are crucial. Recycling is a method that improves the quality of life to add value to the environment and help preserve the world's natural resources as much as possible.

Finally, the output of the project was to make food for customers and employees. To reduce expenditure within the philosophy of the sufficiency economy, is a key factor for the project. The cooperation of the staff and management of Dusit Island Resort, Chiang Rai, make organic garden project development continuously more likely, as eco-tourism education and resources are further enhanced.

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