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Chiang Mai

Called The Rose of the North, Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 on the site of an 11th-century settlement as the capital and religious centre of the Lanna Thai Kingdom. Today, Chiang Mai is the economic, communication, cultural and tourism centre of Northern Thailand. Blessed with stunning natural mountainous beauty, great antiquity and unique indigenous cultural identity, Chiang Mai is truly the land of warm hospitality, beautiful and soft-spoken people, historic temples dating from the 1300s, distinctive festivals and handicrafts as well as several formerly itinerant hill tribes of Tibeto-Burman origin.

A veritable treasure house of the arts and architecture unique to the region, Chiang Mai has numerous ancient Buddhist temples and other monuments attesting to a distinguished past. Doi Inthanon, Thailand's tallest mountain, and popular Mae Klang, Wachirathan and Siriphum waterfalls are all located in this city. Nature-lovers and adventure-seekers can have a good time trekking, rafting or riding elephants.

Besides being a major centre for quality handicrafts, visitors need merely visit the nearest city emporium or night market to purchase an extraordinary variety of antiques, silver jewellery, hill tribe opium pipes and embroidery, Thai silks and cottons, basketry, celadon, silverware, furniture, lacquerware, woodcarvings and parasols. A major advantage of shopping in Chiang Mai is watching artisans at work within the city and in several outlying villages, particularly along the Bo Sang-San Kamphaeng Road and Chang Klan Road.

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