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Dusit International supports surgery for underprivileged children

Bangkok, 12 September 2012:  Cleft lip and palate sufferer ‘Singto’ Kongphop Sumarn is the latest child to benefit from the  Dusit First Child project, an initiative under the group’s Dusit Smiles campaign. Donations from Dusit International’s properties have made surgery possible for Singto since his first operation in 2010.

Dusit Smiles generated 1.4 million baht  in 2010 and enabled 76 surgical procedures  in Sisaket province. In 2011, an additional 1.2 million baht was donated to ‘Operation Smile Thailand’. ‘Dusit Smiles Mission II – Ongoing Surgery’ has provided 1.6 million baht for surgery for  85 children with facial deformities in Nakhon Ratchasima.

“Participating in this ongoing charitable mission for the past three consecutive years continues to inspire Dusit International staff to reach out to local communities,” said Chanin Donavanik CEO of Dusit International. “We continually strive to improve the lives of these children, and many of our staff are deeply committed to  the ‘Dusit Smiles’ campaign.”

Following his fourth operation Dusit International recently invited Singto, the  Dusit First Child, and his parents for a one-night stay at Dusit Thani Bangkok, and arranged a one-day trip to visit Siam Ocean World with the Dusit International Team.  They were warmly welcomed  by Chanin Donavanik, CEO to Dusit International, and Vipada Donavanik, Assistant Vice President - Dusit Group, and enjoyed lunch with Dusit International executives.

Pornnapa Sumarn, Singto’s mother, said, “We are fortunate  to know of this programme and to benefit from sponsorship to pay for  Singto’s facial operations since his birth. It would not be easy for our family to support his surgery ourselves. Now, we are excited at the possibility of his leading a normal and rewarding life.”

Dusit Smiles campaign continues with its next project at Klang Hospital later this year, followed in 2013  with bringing support to patients in Chiang Mai province.

Photo caption

Photo 1 –Chanin Donavanik, CEO to Dusit International (2nd from right) with Vipada Donavanik, Assistant Vice President - Dusit Group (1st from right) welcomes ‘Singto’ Kongphop Sumarn (3rd from left) and his parents, Suntud Sumarn, Singto’s father (1st from left) and Pornnapha Sumarn, SIngto’s mother (2nd from left) to Dusit Family.

Dusit International supports surgery for underprivileged children