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Dusit International invests in Human Capital

Establishing Mini MBA programme to strengthen managerial proficiency of its executives

“If Thailand is to be among the world's leaders in the hotel and hospitality industry, the education and training of staff would be of the highest importance,” – Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui, Founder of Dusit International

Bangkok – Dusit International recognises the importance of talent development, with the recent investment of USD 100,000 on a six-month Mini MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme in Hospitality Management. The programme, developed by Dusit Thani College (DTC) and Dusit Executive Development Centre (DEDC), is provided to executives who have the potential to take on future senior leadership roles in order to assist Dusit International’s global expansion.
This new established programme is exclusively designed to refine the skills of Dusit International’s executives based in Thailand. 29 participants have been selected based on a strict criteria and come from all disciplines and levels throughout the company including Rooms Division, Food & Beverage, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Design, Legal, Education, and Development.
In regards to the programme’s coursework, Ms. Veera Padpattanapanich, Rector, Dusit Thani College, said, “The course combines core subjects in hospitality management, including Business Economics in Hospitality, Managing Human Resources and Leadership, Managerial Accounting and Corporate Finance, Marketing Management, and Hotel Management. The course is conducted in Thai and English by renowned hospitality professors, local and international, who are experts in their fields. The credits from this course will be able to transfer to MBA in Hotel and Restaurant Management Programme according to rules and regulations of transfer experiences of College.
“It is important to provide participants the knowledge to keep themselves and our company competitive. We believe that this course will enrich them a fresh insight on management, broaden their vision and the hospitality best practices. Our courses are not only informative but applicable to their work which will support them to progress in their profession,” added Ms. Pardpattapanich.
 “With Dusit’s global expansion, we need to prepare our people for challenges ahead. Human talents are the fundamental elements of hospitality services, and it is our priority to develop their talents to help us strive for excellence. We are a company that values education, and have always been committed to providing the best to our employees – this is yet another step towards this vision,” said Mr. Justin Lee, Vice President Talent Management, Dusit International.
Started in September 2009, the Mini MBA programme was developed by one of Asia’s finest hospitality institutions, Dusit Thani College, in cooperation with Dusit’s distinguished training centre, Dusit Executive Development Center, which was established to provide top-level executive training courses and customised programmes to individuals and various organisations specialising in, or dealing with, the hospitality industry.
Ms. Rachaneevarn Charusila, Director, Dusit Executive Development Centre, added, “In recent years, Mini MBA programmes have become increasingly popular. It has evolved into a preferred choice to the full MBA programme and is especially appealing to managers who strive to have a better understanding on business essentials to advance in their careers. Dusit recognises the importance to continuously nourish and motivate the minds of our people through education. We are committed to developing our talent and finding out what employees need to enhance their drive. For the hours of study each student will commit they will receive, in return, years ahead of great career opportunities.”

Picture shows (From left): Mr. Niti Racharit - Room Division Manager of Dusit Thani Hua Hin, Mr. Chen Dhipvarodom - Executive Assistant Manager of Dusit Princess Srinakarin, Ms. Nantarat Phianphak - Middle East Coordinator of Dusit International, Mr. Mana Chanhorm – General Manager of Royal Princess Larn Luang, and Mr. Ratchaphoom Saowapak – Senior Legal Manager of Dusit International.

Ms. Veera Pardpattanapanich (Middle, Front row) – Rector of Dusit Thani College,
with Mini MBA participants
Dusit International and Education:

"If Thailand is to be among the world's leaders in the hotel and hospitality industry, the education and training of staff would be of the highest importance," Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui, Dusit Group's Founder and Honorary Chairperson, over 60 years ago when Thailand was still in its infancy in the field of tourism and travel.
To carry on its progress in this direction, Dusit Thani College was founded in 1993. By providing extensive theoretical and practical training from Asia's newest and most advanced hospitality educational institute, Dusit Thani College is recognised as a highly professional educational institute producing graduates who can successfully pursue their chosen careers with appropriate professional skills in keeping with international standard.
Dusit continued the process by entering a joint venture with the world's leading hotel and culinary education institution, Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary school in 2007. This collaboration between the two iconic brands - Dusit and Le Cordon Bleu - both recognised for excellence, prestige and quality, is a natural marriage with complementary strengths, which will in turn inevitably lead to world-class recognition throughout Thailand and the region. This alliance of Dusit Thani Plc and Le Cordon Bleu is destined to provide Thailand, and possibly the whole of Southeast Asia, with the most modern and complete culinary training facility never seen before in this part of the world.
Besides Dusit Thani College and the Le Cordon Bleu Dusit joint venture, the Dusit Executive Development Center Co., Ltd. (DEDC), established in 2005 and a subsidiary of Dusit Thani Public Co., Ltd., provides top-level executive training courses and customise programmes to individuals and various organisations specialising in, or dealing with, the hospitality industry. DEDC’s managerial and executive level tailor-made courses have been praised for their dynamic approach - the Centre actively collaborates with leading institutes and universities, committed as it is to provide the most reliable quality and solid expertise in the hospitality industry.
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