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Dusit Goes Green by 2010!

Taking a major step with Green Globe Initiatives

“The value and prominence of its brand and hotels in Asia places Dusit in a strong position to influence and foster a more sustainable approach to tourism development, management and outcomes for the greater community” - Claire Hendrie, EC3 Global

Bangkok – Dusit International advances its commitment to protecting the environment by undertaking benchmarking under the Green Globe Company Standard as delivered by EC3 Global in order to receive independent and comprehensive proof of its environmental commitment and become Green Globe certified by 2010.

“Eco-friendly initiatives are compelling to the hotel guests. Hotels around the world are making a significant effort to lower their energy and water usage, and reduce wastes as well as contributing to the local communities as customers become more concerned about the environment, and they are willing to change their behaviour by choosing to stay or partner with hotels that share the same environmental values. A green-friendly hotel is becoming a preferred choice of the guests,” said Mr. Octavo Gamarra, Senior Vice President, Dusit International.

“Not only do we realise that it’s our priority to contribute to the well-being of the communities within which we operate as we prepare for the growth and development of our company, it is also imperative that we initiate programmes to reduce the carbon footprint and ensure the sustainability of our exciting expansion. With our commitment to the Green Globe Certification Programme as delivered by EC3 Global, we can assure our partners, staff and shareholders that we are building on our foundations to be recognised as one of Asia’s leading hotel brands,” added Mr. Gamarra.

By taking another step in becoming ‘green’, the company recently conducted a workshop especially designed to train Dusit’s Green Globe coordinators and engineers from Dusit hotels and resorts on how to implement the environmental programme to achieve Green Globe Certification.

The training programme was aimed to train Dusit’s Green Globe coordinators and engineers in all technical and operational processes, to set up the most proficient practices. An onsite mock audit was initiated at Dusit Thani Bangkok to help participants better understand the impact to the environment of daily hotel operations. The training programme helps organisations strengthen their strategic objectives and embrace their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility through benchmarking and certification.

“The workshop has been very informative and gave us a deeper insight into the Green Globe certification and benchmarking process. I wish for all participating hotels in the Green Globe Programme to obtain the Bronze Benchmarked status by third quarter 2010, followed by Silver Certification thereafter. This will be a major step for Dusit International in the Green Globe initiatives,” said Mr. Kenneth Fong, Regional Director of Technical Services, Dusit International.

The mock audit and training programme was led by Ms. Claire Hendrie, Operations Manager of EC3 Global, who is specialised in observing the performance of operational processes and procedures relating to Benchmarking and Certification. Through the mock audit, Ms. Hendrie was able to point out relevant factors concerning both cultural and environmental matters.

“Globally, corporations are playing an increasingly important role in sharing and promoting the principles of sustainability both within their organisations and throughout the broader community. The tourism industry is particularly vulnerable to the environmental and social issues that face our planet today with the impacts of climate change and growing populations threatening the very resources on which the industry depends,” said Ms. Hendrie, “with consumers now having to adapt their lifestyles in response to growing pressures on the environment, their expectations and choices of travel destinations and experiences are also evolving. It will be important for the future viability of corporations to ensure they are prepared and able to respond to consumers’ environmental choices and changing expectations on responsible tourism.”

With EC3 Global’s assistance, Dusit aspires to achieve not only Bronze Benchmarked status and Silver Certification, but also for a continuous improvement in performance. “Dusit is a distinctively Thai brand with Thai values and culture strongly embedded within the corporate culture and services offered across its hotels. The value and prominence of the brand and its hotels in Asia places Dusit in a strong position to influence and foster a more sustainable approach to tourism development and management and outcomes for the greater community,” said Ms. Hendrie. “We look forward to working with Dusit to assist the group to become recognized as one of the world’s leading hotels in sustainable development and operations.”

The hotels and resorts that participate in the Green Globe Certification Programme as delivered by EC3 Global include;

In Thailand: Dusit Thani Bangkok, Dusit Hua Hin, Dusit Thani Pattaya, dusitD2 chiang mai, Dusit Princess Srinakarin Bangkok,  Dusit Princess Korat, Royal Princess Larn Luang, and Royal Princess Chiang Mai.

Outside Thailand: Dusit Thani Manila, Dusit Thani Dubai, and Dusit Residence Dubai Marina.

About Green Globe
The Green Globe program as managed by EC3 Global is the worldwide Benchmarking, Certification and performance improvement system assisting the travel and tourism industry to attain sustainability. Green Globe with Earthcheck science inside provides a certification system that responds directly to the major environmental problems facing the planet, including climate change, waste reduction and non-renewable resource management. The Green Globe brand is used under licence from Green Globe Limited and Green Globe International, Inc. Visit

Picture shows (from left): Ms. Claire Hendie, Operations Manager of EC3 Global,
Mr. Kenneth Fong, Regional Director of Technical Services, Dusit International
Mr. Jakaew Phlages, Director of Engineer, Dusit Thani Bangkok


Picture shows: Mr. Jakaew Phlages, Director of Engineer, Dusit Thani Bangkok
presents plant to Ms. Claire Hendrie, Operations Manager of EC3 Global after the completion of the training.

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