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Dusit Thani College to launch Professional Japanese Culinary Courses with Tsuji Culinary Institute of Osaka, Japan

Mrs Mahema Bhutia

Left to Right: Ms. Veera Pardpattanapanich, Rector of Dusit Thani College; Mr. Shin Koga, Director of Japanese Center; Mr. Chanin Donavanik, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Dusit International; Mr.Yoshiki Tsuji, President and owner of Tsuji Culinary Institute Group; Mr. Khampi Suwanarat, Managing Director; Mr. Kazuo Nakamura, Chief Operating Officer, Tsuji Culinary Institute Group; and Ms. Rattana Preechavudhi, Director of Education Project

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Bangkok, August 10th, 2012: Dusit Thani College has recently entered into a landmark agreement with Japanese's most prestigious culinary institute, Tsuji Culinary Institute of Osaka to jointly offer authentic Japanese cuisine courses to its students and general public.

Tsuji Culinary Institute, the best culinary school in Japan agreed to reveal the traditional arts of Japanese Cuisine to Thailand by signing the educational cooperation agreement with Dusit Thani College to offer courses to Dusit Thani College's Culinary Arts major students starting in the academic year 2013. Professional public courses will be offered from early 2013.

Highest quality is to be assured from these two institutes. Japanese cuisine courses and learning materials will be carefully designed to suit the market needs in Thailand. Brand new kitchen facilities, specifically designed for Japanese cuisine, are being set up in Dusit Thani College.

Known as the most reputable professional cooking institute in Japan, Tsuji will send its teachers to conduct classes, as well as to train Japanese cuisine specialty instructors of Dusit Thani College to effectively run this program.

Mr. Yoshiki Tsuji, President and owner of Tsuji Culinary Institute Group and Mr. Kazuo Nakamura, Chief Operating Officer were recently in Bangkok to inspect the facilities of Dusit Thani College as well as to meet with Mr. Chanin Donavanik, Managing Director and CEO of Dusit International, and Mrs. Veera Pardpattanapanich, Rector of Dusit Thani College to discuss the cooperation. (shown in photo attached).

For more information on Tusji Culinary Institute, please visit their website: www.tsujicho.com