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Dusit Distributes Legendary Holiday Calendars

Leading Asian hospitality group Dusit International launched its legendary calendars for the year 2014 yesterday, distributing to valued partners and associates in the Bangkok area and beyond.

In a tradition that spans over thirty years, Dusit International has created these calendars as its signature annual corporate gift. This year’s theme is “The Dusit Collection” which focuses on the company’s current and upcoming properties which include exciting destinations in Kenya, China and the U.S.A.

A recurring theme present in this year’s calendar is the Dusit Ladies, whose warm smiles and gentle “wai” greetings reflect the company’s history of bringing gracious Thai hospitality to the world.

“This year, we wanted our calendars to truly reflect the direction the company is going in, with our expanding portfolio of hospitality products and services catering to an even wider market,” remarks Mr Gerrit Kruger, Director of Branding and Loyalty Marketing, Dusit International.

“We wanted to communicate our ongoing expansion plans for 2014 whilst still retaining our Thai essence. This year’s calendar is bold and bright, and we hope all recipients will enjoy them well into the New Year.”