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Business Development

1. Plan and vision on development

Dusit International draws upon 60 years of experience in the hospitality industry. This heritage has provided the foundation to develop our hospitality expertise in domestic and international markets as well as to be recognized throughout Asia as a pioneer in hospitality management and education.

Building from a strong base in Thailand and existing/upcoming projects in Asia, our expansion would focus on Asia, especially in the emerging regions of hospitality, as well as the Middle East, India, China and Africa.

2. Why Dusit?

Points of Difference

  • Experience in owning and managing
  • Niche and unique international player
  • Deep Asian roots with an international perspective
  • Strong brand equity, resulting from the rich and long (60+ years) of history
  • Distinctively Thai gracious hospitality
  • Size allows for a highly personalized relationship  and easy access to top management
  • Transparent with solid corporate governance  and highly ethical, family-owned public company

Value of Dusit as a Partner

  • Ability to guide partners through the development process
  • Revenue-centric approach to maximize asset potential
  • Highly effective sales organization with a unique infrastructure, including a dedicated China and Japan centre
  • Ecologically responsible with continual benchmarking and Earth Check certification
  • Education division which facilitates expansion through a pool of fresh talent and a deep knowledge base
  • Flexible, adaptive and responsive to owners
  • Award-winning hotel operator

3. Development Supports

Technical Services & Design – our TS & design team provide guidance and work closely with developers and their third party consultants in the timely manner to ensure the compliance of our brand standards.

Training – building from the lifelong endeavor of our founder  to deliver all the charm, grace and sincerity known as “Thai Hospitality” to the world, our training team has developed unique training programs to ensure the delivery of our brand promises to our guests.

Operations – veteran hoteliers provide guidance and work closely with developers throughout the planning, pre-opening and post- opening stages     to uphold operating standards and ensure financial return. 

Sales & Marketing – the ultimate aim of Dusit Sales and Marketing team is to create and enhance the revenue culture through;

    Revenue Management:

    Our Revenue Management team closely monitors hotel performance, market share and continually develops distribution channels to ensure maximum revenue for each property. 


    a. Dedicated Sales Team and Sales Network for key market feeders such as Japan Center,
      Russia Sales team and Korea Sales team
    b. 10 Regional Sales Office and 30 Sales Networks worldwide.

    Brand & Loyalty Marketing:

    Based in our Bangkok office, our corporate Marketing team continually upholds and develops brand strategy, marketing materials, advertising and loyalty programs to expand Dusit’s exposure.

    New Media & Communication:

    Our New Media & Communication team continually develops new media channels and provides guidance for hotels to expand media reach and exposure.

Download: The World of Dusit