Dusit Care Measures

Dusit Care Measures

When you stay at Dusit Hotels & Resorts, you can stay with confidence knowing that your safety, well-being and peace of mind always come first. Listed below are just some of the measures we have implemented to protect you at our properties.

  1. Flexible Stays
    • Check-in anytime at your convenience.*
    • Flexible breakfast
    o Available at any time during the outlet’s hours of operation
    o Choose to eat wherever you wish in the property
    o Extensive selection of a la carte items
    *Subject to availability
  2. Safety & Well-Being
    • Temperature check and health declaration – for both in-house guests and visitors on arrival
    • Heightened cleaning and sanitation procedures
    o Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers installed in public areas
    o All checked-out rooms are thoroughly disinfected and well-aired prior to the arrival of new guests with Ozone or UV methods
    o Public restrooms are checked and cleaned every 30 minutes and thoroughly disinfected every five hours
    o Shoe disinfectant dispensing mats are in place at hotel entrances
    • No queues, no crowds – Measures for physical distancing are in place throughout each property
    Complimentary minibar
    o Stocked with soft beverages and healthy snacks
    o For room categories without a minibar, a Wellness Welcome Bag is provided upon check-in
    Outdoor workout area
    o Fitness equipment arranged to allow for physical distancing
    o Disinfected every two hours
    o Equipment available for in-room and/or open-air exercise
  3. Local Experience
    • Signature delicacies and souvenirs on demand – The best of local foods and souvenirs are delivered directly to our properties by our selected local partners
  4. Contactless Technology
    • Mobile payment methods via QR code, Mobile Wave and LinkPlus
    • Digital restaurant menus accessible via QR code
  5. Dusit Care Kit
    • Provided for all guests
    • Contains hand Sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and two face masks