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Day passes

Our two-day pass unlocks an array of enriching experiences, from nurturing your body in mindful yoga sessions, to inspiring creativity in painting workshops, discovering culinary delights in our cooking classes, and more.

THB 1,099 net/person

Stay & Play

Elevate your experience with a restful overnight stay in our spacious rooms. Start your day with a complimentary breakfast, before diving into our revitalising activities on offer with our wellness program.

Start from THB 2,700++ /person

Wellness activities

10 June 2023

Aerobics dance class: Boost your health with a fun and dynamic approach to wellness.

Cooking class by Kauai: Learn to prepare a nutrient-dense meal using responsibly sourced ingredients including Sriracha Chicken, Thai Crunch Wrap and Princess Wrap.

DIY healthy drink: Create your own revitalising beverage using ingredients handpicked straight from our herb garden.

Yoga class: Discover tranquillity with a perfect blend of mindful movements and deep relaxation.

11 June 2023

Kita Muay Thai class: Energise your body and mind in sync with the music in this invigorating fusion of traditional Muay Thai techniques and rhythmic aerobic dance

Enhanced ฺBreakfast: Nourish body, mind, and soul during Wellness Weekend with a special Healthy Corner featuring a fresh salad bar, grilled eggplant and quinoa salad, healthy cups, and more.