Celebrate the Days of September at Dusit Thani Dubai

September 2018
Celebrate with the rest of the world as we bring you this month’s list of special days to spend with your family, loved ones and buds at work.

Piano and Live Jazz All Wednesdays of September, Jones the Grocer

Tickle your keys for Piano Month with our Live Jazz Wednesdays! Celebrate an instrument that continues to be classical, contemporary and flexible at the same time. Goes perfectly well with soulful vocals, unlimited grape and cheese.

Read A New Book, Open A New Door
6th September, Nippon Bottle Company

When you open the pages of a new book, you find yourself swept up in a new world of characters and stories, or maybe just information. The best books though are those on our bookshelves which open up and lead you through a storyscape of your own. Make sure to flip through our online pages for the Ladies or Gents when you plan your next visit.

Swap Ideas Day Over Business Lunch
10 September, Benjarong Thai Restaurant

The idea behind Swap Ideas Day is that everybody gets together to exchange ideas, thus an ideal opportunity for people to be as creative and wacky as they like with their thinking caps on as well as learning from the ideas of others. Definitely an inspiring thought on your next business meeting over Thai lunch.

Friday Family Day Brunch
24th September

As all of us are leading increasingly hectic schedules, this day is intended to give us a bit of leisure time outside of the “hustle and bustle” of our routines.

Some may choose to have a festive meal together over brunch while others hangout by the pool on a staycation. Either way, this day is one of the best ways to remind us of the importance of family in our lives.

Cooking Day with the Chef for Royals
25th September, Benjarong Thai Restaurant

We rush and we scramble trying to make it through our day, rushed for breakfast, rushed for lunch (a half hour? You have to be kidding!) and exhausted for dinner. Who has time to cook anymore? Do we even know how anymore? Cooking Day reminds us that learning how to cook is an important skill to enhance our health and pass tradition on to our friends and family.

Source: Days of the Year

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