Child Protection

Anti-Child Sexual Exploitation

With more than 5.5 million children around the world being exploited in forced labour each year, including prostitution, it’s important that international hospitality companies do all they can to help keep children safe in their communities.

Dusit is leading the way in Thailand by joining The Code – a global initiative to raise awareness of sexual exploitation in travel and tourism and to build zero tolerance environments where travellers understand that these crimes are unacceptable and offenders will be prosecuted.

Following The Code’s thoughtful criteria – which includes implementing new staff training programmes, and providing in-room information for guests – Dusit will ensure that employees, managers, guests and customers at each of its hotels are aware of this issue and know how to report any suspicious cases.

As one of the world’s largest industries, the travel and tourism industry has huge potential to positively impact children’s rights worldwide,” said Mr Lim Boon Kwee, Dusit’s Chief Operating Officer. “But hospitality companies like ourselves will not achieve anything unless we make a real effort to understand how children living in tourist destinations are affected by our operations.

That is why we are very proud to join The Code in its mission to prevent exploitation of children. As civil rights activist Marian Edelman once said: ‘If we don’t stand up for children, then we don’t stand for much.’ Today, with The Code, we’re proud to make a stand.  And, in line with our core value of Care, we will always ensure our hotel communities are safe for children.”


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