Child Protection Policy

Responsible and sustainable tourism concerns about protecting the environment and most importantly the protection of the social environment which includes children and their families. The sexual abuse and prostitution of children is a global problem that can happen anywhere but especially where there are vulnerable children, weak laws and people who don’t know how to help.

As a major international tourism company, Dusit International is deeply committed to supporting the development of human resources where its hotels are located and along with its mission statement for responsible tourism and environmental protection.

In line with the commitment to the protection of children from commercial sexual exploitation in travel and tourism, the following policies and procedures are implemented:


  • Strengthen understanding of the issue by ALL employees through trainings and provision of information resources;
  • Enact establish procedures for handling child protection cases, including reporting cases to authorities.


Reporting procedures:

    1. All guests checking in the hotel with a minor (below 18 years old) will be requested to show any of the following documents to establish age and relationship with the child: Thai I.D. card, passport or birth certificate;
    2. Failure to produce any of the above documents will result to us refusing entry of the minor to any of the following: Rooms, Facilities and Outlets;
    3. Should circumstances make the said adult change his mind to stay in our hotel and request for assistance to make reservations in any other hotels, we will refuse to do so;
    4. Should any service staff member, room attendants/supervisors, Security Officers or any staff member notice anything suspicious under the same circumstances, report to line manager;
    5. Should at any time a staff believes there is a suspicion of or circumstances that confirms a case of child abuse, a manager, the GM or RM/Hotel Manager should be alerted to verify the information in order to report the case to the proper authorities.


Supported procedures:

  • No employee may use or allow the use of any of the Company’s facilities, resources or equipment (including the Company’s computers and networks and restaurant or hotel televisions) for the viewing, storage, distribution, promotion or other use of materials in which children are depicted as engaging in any sexual act or are otherwise made an object for prurient interests;
  • No employee may enter into, on behalf of the Company, or otherwise, any business relationships or any other arrangement with any organization which the employee has reason to believe participates in any way in the sexual exploitation of children;
  • No employee may use or allow the use of images or concepts that sexually exploit children;
  • All employees must be vigilant and immediately report to managers, supervisors, the Legal department or the Business Conduct and Ethics Hotline, as appropriate, all situations that come to their attention in the Company’s premises or businesses where sexual exploitation of children is suspected or appears to be intended;
  • Under no circumstances may the Company’s funds, property (including electronic devices and the Company’s supported technology) or personnel be used to further or support activities prohibited by the Compact, ECPAT Code or this Code.