Environmental Management Policy

This Environment Policy outlines the key elements of the Dusit Environment Management System and describes our initiatives to manage our operational footprint in a sustainable manner.

As a global provider of hospitality services, we recognize that our business decisions have the potential to impact our communities and the environment. We believe in balancing environmental issues with financial priorities as a core part of corporate social responsibility. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility includes:

  • Environmentally prudent management of our facilities around the world
  • Protecting our environment and prevention of pollution
  • Collaboration with suppliers to improve our indirect environmental impact
  • Environmental programs
  • Educating for our employees
  • Green investment and socially responsible products offered to our customers.

We implement an Environmental Management System using indicators set out in the ISO 14001 Standard, to achieve our organizational targets and compliance obligations. Our key performance indicators are:

  • Waste water management
  • Waste management
  • Chemical Management
  • Sustainable Natural Resource Conservation
  • Sustainable Energy Conservation
  • Prevent Pollution and Sustainable Environmental Management

We encourage our staff to represent our commitment to the environment and to offer our internationally certified ISO14001 Standard to our interested parties.