Organic Sourcing

From farm to table: The real delicious deal!


Chefs from Dusit hotels in Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Phuket got to grips with organic ingredients in an eye-opening visit to Patom Organic Farm, Nakhon Pathom.


Dusit’s Sustainability Committee recently organized a trip to Patom Organic Farm in Nakhon Patom on the outskirts of Bangkok to highlight the environmental benefits of organic farming, as well as the sustainable benefits of buying produce direct from local farmers. In what was a truly humbling and educational experience, the visit began with a presentation at Sampran Resort – champions of working with local farmers – which summarized the hotel’s admirable work in supporting farmers to grow environmentally friendly crops (think no pesticides) to the benefit of its broader communities.

Watch them in action here!

“I hope everyone took back a slice of inspiration in the knowledge that every little thing we do can improve the world and the lives around us – for farmers, consumers, businesses and communities alike. I hope we can start our own movement within Dusit to source organic ingredients from local farmers and help to make a long-lasting difference for our own communities said Khun Siradej ‘Champ’ Donavanik, Chairman of Sustainability Committee.”



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