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美しい田園地方にある上品なホテルがお客様をお待ちしております。バンコクからわずか車で2時間の場所にあるデュシットD2 カオヤイは、トレッキング、ロッククライミング、アルパカ農場を楽しむことのできるUNESCO世界遺産に登録されたカオヤイ国立公園を見渡すことができます。ホテルには79室のモダンな客室とスイートがあり、快適性と利便性を兼ね備えています。2室の会議室はビジネスイベントや思い出に残るウェディングを行うのに最適で、屋外プールでは美しい景観を眺めながら泳ぐことができます。


Exceptional Escapes

デュシットホテルズ&リゾーツで、次の特別な旅先を発見。 静かなビーチ沿いでの休暇をお求めの方も、刺激的な都市でのアドベンチャーをお求めの方も、Dusit.com メンバー限定の最大30%割引料金を予約して、。

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dusitd2 khao yai - Bed-and-breakfast

D2ベッド & ブレックファスト


Our Experiences

Sweet & Green Farm

Pick your own fruits and vegetables in a beautiful garden project that cares about every step of cultivation, from quality seeds and environmentally friendly farming methods to paper-based packaging and supporting local communities. Sweet & Green Farm produces more than 70 types of 100% organic fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from, take home or bring to the hotel, where our chef will cook them up, or you can use them in a cooking class.

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Low Carbon Local Tour

Fill your lungs with fresh air and explore sustainably on an adventure that supports the local community at Baan Tamaprang and Baan Klongpae. Hop on a bicycle and head out on a day-trip to discover local orchards, a beautiful ancient temple, the last rice field in the region, and traditional villages where you’ll savour drinks and dishes made from locally sourced ingredients and learn to make artisanal crafts.

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Natural Tie Dye

Step into Nual Studio to learn the story of Pak Chong village and its one-of-a-kind pantone made from nature. Not only is this shade of green completely unique, it can only be made at certain times of year, according to weather, temperature and the delicate balance of nature. Craft yourself a tie-dyed garment or choose a product in the distinct shade of Khao Yai.

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Dan Kwian Village Pottery

Famous in the region for their products, the villagers of Dan Kwian attract collectors and enthusiasts from all around with their unique pottery. What’s special about Dan Kwian clay is its durability, pliability and distinct rusty colour, which they combine with stunning patterns and designs. Stop by and choose something special to take home.

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Pak Thong Chai Silk Village

Here in one of the most famous and illustrious silk villages in Thailand, the art of weaving has been passed down through generations. The Korat-style silk made in Pak Thong Chai is known for its high quality, and you can see the creativity and skill in action, as well as pick up some authentic Thai silk at reasonable prices.

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Organic Herb Garden

Stroll through the gorgeous gardens surrounding the hotel, to discover the sustainable processes involved in every step as we grow our own vegetables and produce. Join the garden team to learn about the selection of good seeds, our environmentally friendly cultivation methods, each product’s nutritional benefits and how to plant them at home.

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Tree Story

Surrounded by trees, dusitD2 Khao Yai is a lush green haven that feels like a breath of fresh air. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, stroll the grounds with our tree experts to learn about these life-giving, oxygen-producing plants, their fascinating stories and all the gifts and benefits they give us.

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Animal Farm Story

At dusitD2 Khao Yai, the warm welcoming environment extends to furry friends including alpacas, rabbits and silky chickens, all roaming happily around the grounds. Come and meet your fluffy and feathered fellow inhabitants, enjoy fun and friendly encounters, and hear their exciting stories.

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Meditation Class

Spending a few minutes in meditation each day is a simple and effective way to reduce stress and restore your inner peace and balance. Join our teacher in a guided practice, surrounded by nature, to benefit your mental, physical and emotional well-being and carry more calm throughout your day. Contact us

Yoga in the Garden

Join us for morning yoga in the garden, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery and take a moment to truly connect with yourself and nature. The beautiful sights, gentle sounds, and calming scents of our garden provide a serene setting for the practice as you focus on stretching and strengthening the body to release stress and rebalance your energy.

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Aerobics in the Garden

Start your morning with a fitness boost, nestled in nature. Aerobic dance is not only a fun workout that elevates the heart rate but it also combines upper, lower, and whole-body strengthening exercises, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

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Aqua Yoga & Underwater Music Therapy

Join us for a fun aquatic workout in the cool pool, surrounded by beautiful Khao Yai mountain views. Suitable for guests of all ages, and available for groups or private sessions, aqua yoga is low-impact and great for mobility; Underwater music therapy improves your physical and emotional health and well-being.

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Biking along Lam Takhong Dam

Take in the panoramic views of beautiful mountain scenery and the spectacular dam at Lam Ta Khong Reservoir. The best way to see the stunning sights is on two wheels. Bicycles are available daily from 08.00 to 18.00 at THB 40 per hour, and we especially recommend rides in the morning and evening.

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Mindfulness Painting Class

Let’s make joyful, mindful art together and find a sense of peace and inner quiet. Using art as a tool can provide a unique opportunity to let the mind wander freely while focusing your attention on a simple, restful task. Join our in-house art team to relax into some creative mindfulness and enjoy the benefits.

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Herbarium Workshop

Find the beauty in the green scenery and make your own small piece of Khao Yai. Join us to learn how a herbarium can keep plants and flowers in an evergreen state and make your own to take home. Using Thai flowers, create a beautiful masterpiece and spend time connecting with nature.

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Level up your golf game at Khao Yai Country Club, a beautiful 18-hole course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Set in a valley surrounded by mountains in the foothills of Khao Yai National Park, this unique course promises an unforgettable game with an excellent variety of challenges.

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Night Safari

Many of the animals of Khao Yai are nocturnal in their foraging habits. Head out under cover of darkness to spot sambar deer, Malayan porcupine, large Indian civet, Asian palm civet, wild elephant, owls and nightjars. A Night Safari is a fascinating way to experience and observe how our abundant local wildlife behaves under starry skies.

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PB Valley Winery Tour

Explore the largest vineyard in Khao Yai with a tasting tour conducted by professionals from the first winemaker in the country and enjoy incredible mountain views while savouring Thailand’s finest vintages. Delve into the artistry of wine-making and learn how they produce their premium vintages at PB Valley Khao Yai, the birthplace of winemaking in this region.

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Amazing Dark Sky at GranMonte Vineyard

Stargazing is a popular activity in the cool season because the sky is clear and the air is comfortably cool. There’s no need for telescopes with plenty to see with the naked eye, though more experienced astronomers can bring high-resolution telescopes to observe the heavens in greater detail. Join the experts at GranMonte Vineyard to explore the gorgeous views above.

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Khao Yai National Park Trekking

One of the unmissable activities at Khao Yai National Park is trekking through your choice of its seven nature trails. The signposted hikes range from 1.2 to 8 km with walking times ranging from 45 minutes to 6 hours. They run through mature forests packed with fascinating flora and fauna and there’s something for everyone from newbie jungle trekkers to students of nature.

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Rock Climbing

Embrace your adventurous side and challenge your strength and agility at dusitD2 Khao Yai. Our 12.5-metre gravity-defying rock climbing wall is suitable for beginners and advanced rock climbers and our team of experts are on-hand to support and guide.

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Wang Nam Khiao Catapult Planting

Join the famous and unique forest conservation project at Wang Nam Khiao and discover the art of catapult planting! The local community has perfected the skill of shooting Macakin seeds and Lan seeds into the forest so they grow naturally. Support local people and help preserve the environment; visit any day from 06:00 to 18:00 for 20 baht per person.

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Cocoon Romantic Dinner Set

Nestled in a treepod, dine beneath the stars, surrounded by magnificent mountain views. Enhance your dining experience by travelling through our Executive Chef's 7 courses of western classics created especially for Cocoon, accompanied by your favourite drink. Indulge in this exquisite experience with your loved one for THB 1,799++ per person.

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Mookata in the Garden

Make your night more memorable with Thailand's favourite dish and Khao Yai's breathtaking views. Sit back in our lush, green backyard and enjoy Mookata in the garden. Your choice of pork belly, pork tenderloin, fresh squid, prawns and fish is accompanied by fresh vegetables grown on the surrounding farms and garlic fried rice.

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Cooking Class by Executive Chef

Learn the secrets of cheffing, from selecting ingredients, and preparing and preserving food, all the way to making your favourite dish. Executive Chef Peter will work with you to reveal authentic Thai cooking methods and you’ll have the chance to enjoy your masterpieces, with the confidence you can replicate them at home.

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Cocktail-Making Class

Enjoying sipping your favourite drink by the pool? Why not learn to make it in an exciting mixology masterclass? Work with our expert bartender using local ingredients at the pool bar and master the art of cocktail concocting with 360-degree mountain views.

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Mixology Night

Create unique vacation memories with good vibes, great cocktails and chill music, surrounded by lush greenery. Mixology Night is held at the pool bar, where you can enjoy fantastic drinks created from the best recipes. Watch out for special guest bartenders who regularly drop in to share their skills.

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Guest Chef Collaboration

Indulge in a unique gastronomic experience as we collaborate with some of the most accomplished chefs in the country. Take your seats for a mouthwatering culinary experience that will tempt your senses and thrill your taste buds.

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Kids Camp in the Garden

Introducing your children to the joy of the great outdoors might begin with something as simple as backyard camping. Give your children the opportunity to participate in a fun adventure, camped out under the stars in the safety of dusitD2 Khao Yai’s beautiful garden and watch their love of nature come alive.

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Pony Riding

Attention aspiring cowboys and cowgirls! Prepare to ride across the grass on your new friend – a sweet, gentle pony. Create an indelible memory for your little rider in an exciting experience at the stables. They get to grips with the basics of horse riding, build balance and strength and connect with nature in the great outdoors.

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Open Air Cinema

Gather the family, find a comfortable spot in the middle of our spacious backyard, and sit back to enjoy a classic movie under the stars. Plus, play games in the kids camp, tell stories around the camp fire and indulge in all your favourite cinema snacks.

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Bonfire Camp

Create magical memories as you spend quality time together as a family. One of life's great joys is sitting around a blazing fire in the late evening, catching up with loved ones and roasting marshmallows over the flames as the stars sparkle above.

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Family Harvest & Cooking Class

Cooking together is a wonderful way to connect as a family. Join our experts to explore the organic farm and select the finest ingredient for your favourite dish. We involve the little ones in every step, explaining the benefits of each herb or vegetable and how to choose and prepare them.

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Kite Making

Let’s go fly a kite! But first, let’s make one. Get creative with the kids, crafting beautiful kites in your choice of shape, pattern and colours. Then get outdoors to run and launch your creations up into the blue sky for a day you’ll never forget.

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dusitd2 khao yai - Accom DCorner-Suite

D’コーナー スイート


dusitd2 khao yai - Accom_Duplex-Suite



Culinary Experiences



ムシ グリル




How to Get Here

dusitD2 Khao Yai

678 Moo 18, Tambol Moosi, Pakchong District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

+66 (44) 003 000



2005年にUNESCO世界遺産に登録された「大きい山」という意味を持つカオヤイは、タイでもっとも有名な国立公園の1つで、滝やハイキングコース、野生動物を観察することのできる場所などがあります。デュシットD2 カオヤイは、ワイナリー、アドベンチャーパーク、国立公園など近隣のアトラクションからわずか数分の場所にあります。ホテルはツリートップポッドでのダイニング、ぶどうを使用したセラピートリートメント、インターネットアクセスをお楽しみ頂けます。




  • 屋外スイミングプール
  • 近くのアルパカファーム
  • サイクリング
  • ハイキングとトレッキング
  • ロッククライミング


  • 全館でご利用可能なWi-Fi
  • ルームサービス(8:00〜22:00)
  • コンシェルジュサービス
  • 医療サービス
  • リムジン/送迎/レンタカーサービス
  • 駐車場
  • お洗濯/ドライクリーニング
  • ホテル外ケータリング
  • ご要望に応じてコネクティングルームの手配可

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