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Dusit Suites Athens

Dusit Suites Athens, a brand new 5-star hotel, awaits guests in the picturesque Glyfada on the cosmopolitan Athenian Riviera. With the privilege of being situated near the sandy beach, this upper upscale hotel features 36 elegantly designed suites that offer stunning views of either the sea and the Saronic Gulf, or the mountain and city lights. Guests can indulge in a range of contemporary amenities, including the Namm Spa, Vitality Pool, O live – the Mediterranean restaurant on the roof top and its playful bar, DAO - the signature Pan Asian restaurant and its futuristic bar, and as well as the infinity pool outdoors on the roof top.

This hotel is also conveniently situated near the historic capital of Athens, the International Airport, and Piraeus Port, allowing guests to easily explore the area.

Opening Offer: Includes daily breakfast and a 60-minute spa treatment per adult per stay.

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โรงแรมมีห้องสวีท 5 แบบให้เลือก โดยแต่ละแบบทั้งทันสมัยและกว้างขวาง ห้องสวีทสว่างและโปร่งโล่ง มาพร้อมพื้นไม้ งานศิลปะที่สวยสะดุดตา เฟอร์นิเจอร์บุนวมสีเอิร์ธโทนสบายตา และห้องน้ำหินอ่อนหรูหรา

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