Immersive Experiences

On Glyfada’s scenic beachfront, Dusit Suites welcomes you to a captivating retreat that seamlessly blends modern luxury with coastal tranquillity. Against the backdrop of the shimmering Aegean Sea, enjoy refined hospitality combined with a selection of unique experiences.​

​Embark on a voyage of discovery as you immerse yourself in the artistic, natural, and cultural allure of this enchanting locale. Explore a myriad of eco-friendly activities, learn new skills and indulge in adventures tailored to the entire family.​

​Dusit Suites Glyfada invites you to embark on transformative journeys that will leave an indelible mark on your spirit. Join us as we redefine the essence of coastal luxury and hospitality in the heart of Glyfada, Athens.

Local Connections

The Acropolis: An Iconic Athenian Citadel

Delve into the cradle of Western civilisation, where history whispers its timeless tales amid the ruins. Ascend the sacred rock to see the awe-inspiring Parthenon, a testament to the grandeur of Athenian democracy and the zenith of classical Greek architecture. Explore the Acropolis Museum for a comprehensive narrative of the citadel’s history and see stunning views of the archaeological site itself.​ Contact us

Local Greek Farmers

Explore the rich tradition of resilience and sustainability woven into the fabric of Greek rural life. Meet local farmers to glimpse their time-honoured techniques, passed down through the ages, as they cultivate olives, grapes and herbs. Discover true Greek gastronomy, where the freshest produce bursts with vitality, and join a celebration of community, culture and a deep-rooted connection to the land. Contact us

Body and Mind

Thai Spa and Tea Ritual 

Step into the serene sanctuary of Namm Spa to explore traditional Thai treatments, performed by skilled therapists trained in ancient techniques, for a holistic approach to wellness. Following your rejuvenating treatment, experience a tea ritual, in which fragrant herbal blends enhance your relaxation and promote a sense of inner balance. Emerge refreshed, revitalised, and deeply nourished from the inside out. Contact us

Vitality Pool Treatment

Rejuvenate your body and mind, immersed in warm, bubbling waters. The gentle massaging jets of the Vitality Pool stimulate circulation and detoxification; tension melts away and muscles relax, allowing for a deep sense of renewal and revitalisation. Beyond its physical benefits, the Vitality Pool also provides a tranquil setting for contemplation, inviting you to surrender to the present and emerge refreshed and energised. Contact us

Nature Exploration

Exploring Sounio

Perched on the southernmost tip of the Attica Peninsula, Sounio is crowned by the majestic ruins of the Temple of Poseidon. Explore archaeological treasures, marvel at stunning coastal vistas, explore the nearby beaches and seaside tavernas and enjoy a captivating odyssey through Greece's cultural heritage and natural splendour. Contact us

The Athens Riviera

Explore the picturesque fishing villages of Glyfada and Vouliagmeni or the upscale resort towns of Voula and Vari. Bask in the sun on the sands of Astir or soak up the beach club vibes. Windsurfing and paddleboarding beckon in the Saronic Gulf, while bustling marinas teem with luxury yachts, adding a touch of glamour to the seaside atmosphere. Contact us

Gastronomic Journeys

Signature Seasonal Cocktails

At the bar of Olive Restaurant, our talented mixologists craft a selection of signature seasonal cocktails inspired by the vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean. Embrace the spirit of summer with a Negroni sbagliato or Mai-Tai Dusit. Enjoy a little autumnal warmth with a Spiced Fig Old Fashioned, perfectly balanced with a touch of maple syrup. Contact us

Food And Wine Pairing

At Olive Restaurant every Thursday, culinary excellence meets oenophilic delight. From crisp Assyrtiko wines paired with succulent seafood starters to robust Xinomavro reds matched with savoury meat entrees, each pairing is thoughtfully curated to enhance the nuances of both food and wine. Contact us

Mediterranean Tour at Olive Restaurant

Explore seasonal ingredients and regional flavours in a culinary journey at Olive. Start with our signature Mezze Platter, followed by grilled sea bass drizzled with lemon-infused olive oil, and finish with a decadent baklava ice cream sundae. Each course is paired with Greek wines and artisanal cocktails. Contact us

Children and Family

Sunset Dinner on the Roof

Create cherished family memories as you share a sunset meal at Olive, our rooftop restaurant. Indulge in a sumptuous feast of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine crafted with locally sourced ingredients. Share laughter and stories gathered around the table, savouring each delectable bite while the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant hues. Contact us

Rooftop Pool

Relax, refresh and enjoy fun family time at the pool. On the fifth floor, perched high above the Saronic Gulf, our rooftop oasis provides a serene escape. Dive in or lounge on the sun-drenched terrace, surrounded by lush greenery and sleek modern design. As the sun sets over the horizon, sip on handcrafted cocktails from our rooftop bar and share unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Contact us