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Dusit Thani Himalayan Resort Dhulikhel Nepal

히말라야 산기슭에 자리한 매혹적인 휴양지. Dusit 타니 히말라야 리조트는 카트만두 트리부반 국제공항에서 차로 한 시간 거리에 있는 고요한 오아시스입니다. 구불구불한 언덕의 멋진 전망과 고급스러운 편의시설을 갖춘 이 리조트는 휴식과 활력을 되찾기에 완벽한 곳입니다.

리조트에서 차로 가까운 거리에 불교의 순례지 중 하나인 나모 부처가 있습니다.

Exclusive Offers

Our Experiences

Local Herbs Workshop

Join our Wellness Team for the opportunity to uncover the hidden benefits of indigenous herbs and learn their various uses. Enjoy a relaxing guided stroll through lush surroundings, as you're introduced to locally grown herbs, including mint, peppermint and mugwort, and discover how locals use them for health and wellness. Contact us

Local Farm Visit

Embark on a captivating visit to a nearby farm, where sustainable living and age-old agricultural practices come alive. Experience the fulfilment of tending to crops and harvesting produce, and learn about local seasonal farming techniques, all under the guidance of our expert team for an educational and meaningful experience. Contact us

Faith Emblems

We have great pride in being located in one of Buddhism’s sacred places – Namo Buddha – and it’s our honour to share our knowledge. Join us to explore the significance of prayer flags, prayer beads and prayer wheels; find out what each emblem means and delve deeper into the values and principles of Buddhism. Contact us

Coconut Oil Making

Join us to learn the techniques behind crafting coconut oil, a versatile and nourishing product. Learn the step-by-step process of extracting oil from coconuts, and explore its significance and various applications. Get hands-on experience creating your very own batch of this golden elixir before taking it home to enjoy. Contact us

Sound Healing

Discover relaxation, relieve stress and find a deeper connection with your inner self aided by Tibetan singing bowls at Devarana Wellness. The Sound Healing experience is a harmonious blend of ancient traditions and modern wellness, offering a truly transformative and holistic journey. Allow the vibrations of the singing bowl to soothe and ease your mind, body and soul. Contact us 

Hike up to Namo Buddha

Collect your spiritual and physical merits by hiking up to Namo Buddha, one of the most sacred sites in Nepal. Enjoy the mindful trek through tranquil nature and take in the beauty of the journey as well as the destination. When you arrive at the village of Namo Buddha, you’ll find scattered traditional houses, local herbs and bushes of Rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal. Contact us 

Momo Making

Learn all about the dish that’s most beloved food among locals, and impress your friends and family back home. Master the art of making the perfect dumpling dough and filling, and get busy shaping and steaming. Choose from vegetarian, vegan, meat and cheese momo recipes and learn the secrets of our savoury dipping sauce before sitting down to enjoy your creations. Contact us 

Our Accommodations

Junior Suite – Himalayan View

Marvel at sweeping Himalayan views from your spacious sanctuary in the heart of the mountains. A well-equipped workstation and separate living space ensure the perfect balance of productivity and relaxation in this 58 sq. m suite.

Deluxe Room – Himalayan View

Wake to breathtaking views of the Himalayas. With panoramic vistas of the snow-capped mountains, our tranquil 47 sq. m Himalayan Rooms are perfect for relaxing and reconnecting with nature.

Deluxe Room – Valley View

Watch the skies burst into colour from your sunset-view balcony. With sweeping valley vistas over the vibrant villages of Panauti, Phulbari, and Balthali, our deluxe 47 sq. m Valley View Rooms take full advantage of the breathtaking surroundings.

Culinary Experiences

히말라야 다이닝

오로지 나만을 위해 맞춤형 풀사이드 다이닝을 즐기며 히말라야의 아름다움을 만끽해 보세요. 웅장한 산을 배경으로 개인 셰프가 나만의 메뉴를 준비하는 동안 대화를 나누며 소중한 추억을 만들어 보세요.


풀사이드에서의 휴식 완벽한 칵테일을 한 손에 들고 벨라의 풀사이드 라운지를 즐겨보세요. 시샤와 계절별 스몰 플레이트를 즐기며 석양을 만끽하세요. 저녁이 되면 리조트 센터에서 음악과 우아한 서비스를 즐기며 함께 어울려보세요.


마운틴 뷰 다이닝 따안에서 산 경치를 보면서 입맛을 돋우는 풍미로 미각을 자극해보세요. 태국, 네팔, 인도 및 아시아 퓨전 요리로 모험을 해보거나 세계 각국의 인기 요리로 편안함을 느껴보세요.

How to Get Here

Dusit Thani Himalayan Resort Dhulikhel Nepal

Patlekhet, Dhulikhel Municipality Ward No. 11, Kavrepalanchowk, 45200 Nepal

+977 1166 5988, +977 1159 7001

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