Devarana Wellness

Become one with nature, and reconnect your body and soul.

Modern Thai aesthetics and wooden elements combine to create an ambience as calming as the rolling mountains that surround our property. Indulge in natural therapies and aromatherapy as you experience total relaxation.

Spa Treatment

Circle of Vital Energy- Stimulate the Self-healing

Restore your vital energy, or qi, and stimulate self-healing with this traditional Chinese treatment, designed to regulate air circulation and your body’s internal environment.

Traditional Thai

Traditional Thai massage offers a holistic, therapeutic treatment. Compression and gentle stretching improves joint pain, stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, and strengthens your posture, allowing your body to recover from the inside out.

Hormone self-balancing therapy

Combat ageing and health problems caused by hormonal imbalance using natural, plant-based essential oils to achieve equilibrium. This treatment targets the effects of hormone decline, including sagging skin, bloating, memory loss, low bone density and more.

Revitalization Natural Thermal Remedies

Maintaining a body temperature of 36.8-37 degrees Celsius improves your immune function and ability to self-heal. Return your body to a balanced state with this natural therapy, which delivers warm far infrared and anions using thermal instruments.