Immersive Experiences

Welcome to Dusit Princess Phatthalung, an enchanting retreat where modern design and luxurious amenities blend with local culture and heritage. Surrounded by breathtaking nature, we invite you to relax, unwind and explore the charms of Phattalung.

For those seeking excitement, adventure, culture and nature, we have specially curated a selection of memorable experiences to help you connect more deeply with this beautiful destination. Explore the community, taste local food and learn new skills for a more memorable stay.

Local Connections

Krajood Varni – Weaving Prosperity

Once considered a nuisance weed, Krajood, a type of grey sedge, has found new life in the skilled hands of Phatthalung locals. Varni, a community enterprise, has transformed this unwanted plant into beautiful and functional wicker crafts. By blending traditional weaving techniques with modern design, Varni creates unique and stylish products. Shopping at Varni not only brings you a piece of Thailand's cultural heritage, but also supports the economic well-being of this local community. Contact us

Zero-waste Shopping at Kwanjai Bamboo Garden Market

This bamboo haven boasts zero-waste delights - local food, drinks, desserts, souvenirs, and more - all plastic-free. Parking is a breeze, but remember your cloth bag to complete the eco-friendly adventure. The market is open on weekends only. Contact us

Shop Local at Lad Tainod’s Green Market

This green market buzzes with local life. Discover fresh, pesticide-free produce, mouthwatering local bites, and unique handmade crafts from over 100 vendors. The market is open on Sundays only. Contact us

Eco Printing at Ren Ta-On​

Design your own eco- masterpiece at Ren Ta-On. Near Thale Noi Lake, use nature's vibrant and locally grown leaves & flowers to create unique fabric prints in this eco-friendly workshop. Unleash your creativity and embrace sustainability. Classes available everyday for advanced reservation only and is available in English. Contact us

Natural Tie Dye at PASAGU Craft

In a lush forest of sago palms, with the careful guidance of artisan experts, delve into the intricacies of colour theory, fabric preparation, folding and dyeing. We’re delighted to work with the team at PASAGU to offer this interactive workshop on weekends with advance reservations. Contact us

Pottery Workshop at Earthen Home Garden​

Unleash your inner artist using a potter's wheel or as you explore hand-building techniques to craft a one-of-a-kind clay creation. Take your masterpiece home unfired for same-day creativity, or leave it with the team at Earthen Home Garden for professional firing and pick it up the following day. Contact us

Pebble Paint Grinding at Suksakaw Song Sai Rak​

Grind smooth pebbles into vibrant pigments, craft your own natural paints using tree sap and use these raw materials to create stunning works of art on paper. Everything you need is provided – palettes, brushes and the inspiration of nature itself. ​ Contact us

Ancient Wonders at Wat Khian Bang Kaew

Built during the Srivijaya period (13th – 18th Buddhist centuries), this historic temple complex is home to archaeological icons like the Phra Mahathat Chedi – over 1,000 years old and a key attraction in Khao Chaison. Visit the complex’s museum to see artefacts and art from the period, and explore the area to discover ancient sites, including Kok Muang and Old Phatthalung City. Contact us

Manora Dance Show

Take your seat to witness the captivating art of Manora (also spelled Menora or Nora), a traditional southern Thai dance that blends theatre, music and acrobatics. These mesmerising performances mark special occasions and you can enjoy them here at the hotel. ​ Contact us

Body and Mind

Muay Thai Boxing

Explore the basics of Thailand's world-renowned martial art in this dynamic class. Build endurance, strength and reaction time with a combination of kicks, punches and knee and elbow strikes. Muay Thai offers multiple benefits, including reduced stress and increased focus. Contact us


Start your morning with a fitness boost combined with a dose of culture. Learn the traditional Thai art of Manora dance blended with aerobic exercises. Norabic is not only a fun workout that elevates the heart rate but it also combines upper, lower and whole-body strengthening exercises, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Contact us

Yoga in the Garden​

​Strengthen your muscles and your mind in a yoga practice guided by an expert yogi and take a moment to truly connect with yourself. Step into a serene setting and focus your mind on stretching and strengthening the body to release stress and rebalance your energy. Contact us

Khao Chaison Hot Spring

Treat body fatigue and improve the blood circulation system by immersing yourself in nature. Located in a basin next to the mountainside, Khao Chaison is a naturally occurring pond about five metres wide. The water is about 60℃ and it’s believed to be sacred. You can sit and soak your feet or immerse your whole body to relax. Contact us

Thai Herbal Compress Workshop​

Guided by local experts, dive into the world of traditional Thai healing and discover the secrets of local herbs and their incredible benefits. Empower yourself with knowledge and skills that you can take home and apply for holistic well-being. In this workshop, you’ll learn to make your own herbal compresses and journey into the heart of authentic Thai wellness practices. Contact us

Nature Exploration

Thale Noi: A Heritage Wetland Wonderland

Discover Thale Noi, Thailand's first Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, celebrated for its over 3,500 water buffaloes and the "Sea of a Million Lotuses." Enjoy boat tours, wildlife, and exotic flora in this FAO-recognised wetland, where nature, culture, and heritage blend seamlessly. Contact us

Ekachai Bridge Scenic Drive

Take a ride along the Ekachai Bridge, also known as the Chaloem Phra Kiat 80th Birthday Bridge or Thalesap Songkhla Bridge. Gracefully stretching across the Thale Noi wetlands, Thailand’s longest bridge offers breathtaking vistas of charming twin houses nestled in a field and water buffalo grazing peacefully in the distance. Contact us

Conquer Khao Ok Thalu

Climbing more than a thousand steps to the top of Khao Ok Thalu is well worth the effort. At the mountain’s top, you’ll find a hole through which to see a beautiful view of Phatthalung city. Stop and rest on this iconic peak to take in panoramas of lush green rice fields surrounding the city and stretching as far as the eye can see. Contact us

Nhan Moddang – A Rafting Adventure

A must-do for adventure enthusiasts. Nhan Moddang features six kilometres of dynamic rapids for more than two hours of challenging and exhilarating rafting. Experience a backdrop of natural beauty amd vibrant flowers and local birds. Glide over crystal-clear waters, observing fish and seaweed. The rafting activity is available all year-round. Contact us

Manorah Waterfall

Nestled in Phatthalung's Kong Ra district, Manorah Waterfall is a hidden gem of the Banthat Mountain wildlife area. Explore its seven tiers of crystal-clear waters, ideal for a refreshing swim, a serene picnic, or simply basking in nature's beauty. Surrounded by lush, diverse flora, this cool, tranquil haven is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful retreat. Contact us

Exploring Tham Sumano Temple and Cave

Discover tranquility at Tham Sumano Temple, a place dedicated to the practice of Dhamma. The temple is situated on a small mountain with a spacious cave filled with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. Inside, you'll find Buddha images in the naga-prok or reclining – posture, and other sacred objects for worship. Contact us

Gastronomic Journeys

Kung Sam Nam Dining Magic (Seasonal)

Create magical memories that will last a lifetime at a unique dinner designed by our expert chefs. Indulge in special dishes beautifully crafted from the ingredients of Kung Sam Nam, available only in Phatthalung province. Contact us

Mixology Workshop​

Dive into the world of herbal mixology. This class will guide you in crafting delicious and healthy alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails using local botanicals. Learn how to combine fresh herbs and spices to create unique drinks packed with antioxidants. This creative activity is available for individuals or groups. Contact us

Southern Thai Cooking Class

Learn to create three delicious and authentic dishes bursting with bold, spicy flavours, using the freshest local ingredients. This private class, perfect for groups of two or more, offers the chance to master the art of Southern Thai cuisine. Take with you not only the memory of a delicious meal but also the recipes and a certificate to commemorate your culinary adventure. Contact us

Guest Chef Collaboration​

In collaboration with the city's finest kitchen masters, chefs, and mixologists, we create exceptional culinary experiences that elevate innovative flavour combinations and gastronomic artistry to new heights. Join us for thrilling gastronomic partnerships that will enchant your senses and please your palate. Contact us

Children and Family

Arts and Crafts 

Explore a world of creativity and make memories as a family. Join us to explore hands-on projects that engage young minds, spark imagination and develop fine motor skills. From paper painting to decorating clothes, bags or hats, our creative activities encourage artistic expression while fostering a love for the arts. Nurturing your child's creativity and watch their talents flourish. Contact us

Little Chef

Unleash your child’s potential and watch them transform into a mini masterchef in this interactive culinary activity. With the help of our experts, they’ll customise their perfect pizza and cupcake with delicious toppings before coming together to enjoy their creations. Make memories together over delicious delights. This experience is subject to prior reservations. Contact us

Sampao Thai

Savour the picturesque landscapes at this unique tourist destination and captivating café. Stroll along wooden walkways meandering through the rice paddies to find beautiful photo spots. Relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the breathtaking views, from a giant straw King Kong to the iconic Khao Luang mountain range. Contact us

Nang Talung Shadow Puppet​

Immerse yourself in the magic of Nang Talung, a traditional southern Thai shadow puppet show. This historic art form has been performed for centuries to depict mythic tales and epic adventures, and we’re delighted to host shows to mark special occasions here at the hotel.​ Contact us