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An Urban Wellness Sanctuary, Devarana Wellness is a holistic and nurturing environment to surrender the mind.

Providing Solace and Solitude, offering Holistic Thai Healing therapies alongside traditional Japanese rituals which form the basis of targeting your recovery and recuperation.

Wellness Contact: Devarana Wellness, Kyoto
Dusit Thani Kyoto
466 Nishinotoin-cho, Nishinotoin-dori Shomen agaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8327
Tel: +81-75-585-4806

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New Spa Packages & Promotions

Wa Treatment60 min | 90 minStarting from JPY 27,000.- *90 min Including Product

From 1 June to 31 August 2024

Enjoy a relaxing massage based on the Eastern medicine concept of "Qi, Blood, and Water" with Waphyto brand blended oil or body cream.  You can choose from these three types to suit your needs.

Qi: Balance (for feeling better)
Blood: Enhance (for improving your mood from the inside out)
Water: Unwind (for purification and cleansing)

After your treatment, you can enjoy some herbal tea infused with Waphyto Inner Liquid.

Green Tea Scrub60 minJPY 27,000.- | session

From 15 May to 30 June 2024

Our tea body scrub and aromatherapy massage promote dermal microcirculation and improve skin tone.
This treatment is known for its anti-aging and skin-hydrating effects. After your treatment, you can enjoy matcha tea with konpeito candy, a perfect treat for tea season.

• Throughout the month of June, we will hold a fresh tea fair using fragrant new green tea.

Fitness & Movement

Active Stretching60 minJPY 12,000.- | session / JPY 18,000.- | couple | session

Experience our unique stretching treatment which incorporates isolated repetitive movements focusing on lengthening your muscles and gently releasing the fascia that surrounds your muscles.  A beneficial way of increasing flexibility and your functional range of motion.

Private Yoga60 minJPY 12,000.- | session / JPY 18,000.- | couple | session

Yoga is offered in its various forms, from Asanas (physical poses) to mind-body awareness, incorporating breathing and resting techniques.  Classes will be available in groups as well as individual sessions which may also be scheduled.

Hatha Yoga

Holistic Wellness Program

Destination Rejuvenation2.5 hrs. JPY 50,000.- | session

Say goodbye to stiffness, aches and pains and bring your travel-weary body back down to earth with a 30-minute Body Scrub, followed by a 90-minute Therapeutic Massage and a 30-minute Relaxing Facial.

Sleep Antidote2.5 hrs. JPY 50,000.- | session

Sleep deprivation strikes all of us at some point in our lives. Treat yourself to a well-earned rest with a relaxing therapy designed to help you drift into a restful nap. Includes a Hot Milk Bath, Lavender Body Scrub and a Body Balancing Massage.

Balance3.0 hrs.JPY 55,000. - | session

Fast-track your way to a peaceful state of mind with a body-balancing massage followed by 60-minute facial treatment  for ultimate relaxation and relieve from stress and tension for maximum recovery.


Calm Mind Stress Relief45 minJPY 18,000.- | session

This therapeutic treatment supports the mind to let go by addressing specific acupressure points on the neck, head, hands and feet.  Massage combined with warm and cool compress, aids circulation muscular releases so the mind and body can re-develop a state of wellbeing.

Traditional Thai Massage60 min | 90 minJPY 24,000.- | 35,000.- | session

This traditional Thai treatment is practiced with grace, mindfulness and a spirit of generosity. Blissfully nurturing nuad-pan-boran is a rhythmic oil-free massage.

A blend of passive stretching and acupressure in meditative surroundings.

Body Balancing Massage60 min | 90 minJPY 24,000.- | 35,000.- | session

This ultimate relaxing massage uses long, soothing strokes to induce relief from stress and tension while stimulating blood circulation. Pressure can vary from soft to medium, in accordance to your personal preference.

Classic Thai Foot Massage45 minJPY 18,000.- | session

This treatment is highly effective in releasing full body tension.  A rejuvenating ritual of foot cleansing and pressure point massage.  Pressure is applied to stimulate points corresponding to major body parts and organs, restoring balance and harmony to the body.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation60 minJPY 12,000.- | session / JPY 18,000.- | couple | session

Develop a stronger sense of being in the present and working toward self-improvement.

60 minutes guided meditation will help teach you simple stages and practical tools to start your very own meditation practice or deepen your already established meditation practice in this 1 on 1 session.

Signature Experiences

Ancient Thai Massage90 minJPY 38,000.- | session

These healing techniques are based on the spirit of Traditional Thai healing wisdom and Wellness principles.   A holistic remedy aimed at recovery from wear & tear on the mind and body.

Employing methods of deeply sustained pressure with warm herbal compresses and Tok Sen tools with yogic stretching. Transcendence is obtained via mindfulness and breathwork that harmonizes the flow of energy and Sen.

Devarana Signature Massage90 minJPY 38,000.- | session

Exclusive to Devarana, this unique massage combines strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques with Swedish and Aromatherapy influences for the ultimate soothing, body recovery experience.  The signature massage comes together with an inhalation ritual of hot water, freshly sliced lemon for respiratory clearing.

Green Tea Body Scrub60 minJPY 27,000. - | session

Green Tea is renowned for its skin healing and detoxifying properties. All-natural healing body scrub that stimulates skin microcirculation, purifies and detoxifies, improves tone and reduces inflammation.

An Aromatherapy Massage will completely renew as it is naturally packed with anti-aging benefits and healing properties that benefits irritated and dry skin.

Silk Body Exfoliation90 minJPY 38,000. - | session

A traditional wellness practice. Revealing smoother, firmer skin. A slow paced, calming yet intense ultra-pampering silk scrub.  This ritual is designed for when you have wanted to stop time, and give yourself a moments of pleasure and well-being that will leave your skin silky smooth

The silky soft and extra fine exfoliation removes dead skin cells, while luscious creams deliver a healthy dose of moisturization and age-reversing benefits, followed by an extensive head, neck and scalp massage using serums and oils

Signature Package

Body & Mind Synergy2.0 hrs.JPY 45,000. - | session

Recover in indigenous plant of Green Tea or therapeutic Sake bath 20 min
Japanese Incense Ritual 10 min
Body Massage of Choice 60 min
Thai Foot Massage 30 min

The Ultimate Experience2.0 hrs.JPY 45,000. - | session

• Recover in indigenous plant of Green Tea or therapeutic Sake bath 20 min
• Japanese Incense Ritual 10 min
• Traditional Thai Massage 60 min
• Scalp & Head Massage 30 min

The Harmony of Tad Si-the Traditional Thai Medicine2.0 hrs.JPY 40,000. - | session

An ancient Thai therapy is based on the Buddhist teaching that the human body is composed of Tad Si or four elements of earth, water, wind and fire. Traditional Thai medicine also believes that diseases are caused due to two main reasons: first, an imbalance of the four elements in the body, and second that the mind is governed by ‘ego’ and ego leads to unhealthy emotions of attachment, aggression and obscuration that can disturb the body harmony.

The Harmony of Tad Si combines a Thai herbal pouch dipped into aromatic oil tailored to each guest’s body element, with Thai Massage, incorporating pressure point and stretching techniques to relax muscles, relieve soreness, promote circulation and stimulate the nerve meridians of the body.

The Heavenly Nantha Garden Experience2.5 hrs. JPY 50,000. - | session

In the work of ancient Thai literature called Tribhumphraruang, Nantha was described as a garden situated at Heaven’s gate, with magical flowers and herbs. Devarana Spa’s signature treatment brings the divine Nantha Garden to life by mixing fresh tropical leaves and water lily flowers with aromatic blends of ylang-ylang to create a truly heavenly experience.

With the essence of flowers and herbs, this soothing treatment comforts your skin and uplifts your mind through the Devarana Bath and Devarana Body Scrub. Complete the unforgettable rejuvenation with the Devarana Massage that combines strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda, and Shiatsu techniques with Swedish and Aromatherapy influences for the ultimate in relaxation and pampering.

Skin Health Facials

Replenishing Marine Facial60 minJPY 25,000. - | session

A mineral-rich facial designed to rehydrate and replenish the skin, leaving it gloriously renewed. Using several different kinds of seaweeds with aromatic oil and plant extracts, this wonderful maritime face rejuvenation is very gentle even for those who have sensitive skin condition.

Men Skin health Facial60 minJPY 25,000. - | session

Designed for men’s unique skin care needs, a facial dedicated to eliminating signs of fatigue and aging.  A healthy and handsome look, this treatment deeply cleanses, tightens skin pores, and removes impurities.

Lifting & Firming – Anti-aging Facial60 minJPY 33,000. - | session

Combat signs of ageing and maintain a youthful complexion with our therapeutic blend of seaweed and carefully selected minerals. The wrinkles are less visible and skin is firm and radiant.

Supreme Youth Pioneer Facial90 minJPY 40,000. - | session

A luxurious anti-aging skin remedy from marine mud. The powers of marine DNA and antioxidant nutrients amazingly work to replenish facial skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity. The immediate result is a very soft and smooth younger looking skin with a luminous shine.

Specialty Massage

Shiatsu Massage60 min | 90 minJPY 20,000.- | 30,000.- | session

The ancient Japanese healing method includes stretches and kneading techniques to improve the range of motion in joints , helps to  lower level of anxiety, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep and contribute to overall health and wellbeing.

Therapeutic Massage60 min | 90 minJPY 24,000.- | 35,000.- | session

A restorative muscle therapy, sometimes known as Deep Tissue Massage - whereby the therapist uses targeted sustained pressure and kneading of your muscles that provides tension relief for real and immediate results.

Kyoto Energized Basalt Hot Stone Massage60 min | 90 minJPY 27,000.- | 38,000.- | session

Using the ancient wisdom of basalt hot stones, this experience transcends ordinary relaxation, diving deep into your muscles to unlock a treasure trove of relief.  The therapist uses this sensation of those heated stones gliding along your body to dissolve tension and melt away stress.

Thai Herbal Antidote

Body Treatment & Massage60 min Massage | 60 min Scrub | 120 min Massage + Scrub JPY 24,000. - | session / JPY 24,000. - | session / JPY 40,000. - | session

Destress | Detox | Deep Sleep

Essential oils from Thailand combined with the regional essence of cedar and cypress along with a blend of herbs, salts, clays and muds.

These healing treatments are rooted in Traditional Thai Herbal Medicine as well as inspired by Kyoto's natural forest remedies.

Choose either a massage or scrub or both, in a personal consultation which will guide your selection of ingredients to match your wellness goals.   An incredible connection to the foundation of Natural medicine.

Unwind Time Together

Side by Side Massage60/90 minJPY 38,000. /JPY 56,000. - | couple | session

Customize your time together by enjoying our 60-minute well-being Thai Massages together as a shared experience. There’s no hard and fast rule that says a Couples massage is to be strictly for couples.  You can also reserve a dual massage with mom, or your best friend.

Couples Connect90 minJPY 56,000. - | couple | session

Connecting through unity and a shared experience. Enjoy 60-minute side by side Massages, followed by head massage or a foot reflexology.

Workshops & Classes

Workshops & ClassesSustainable workshops | Crafts | Demonstrations

Specialty sessions inspired us to create intentional habits that pave the way for sustained healing.  Education. Continued wellness community support and group involvement.

*Please refer to our website and most recent wellness calendar → "Wellness Calendar"


Spa Policies

Operation Hours

  • Devarana Spa operates from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm.
  • The pool is accessible from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm.
  • The fitness facilities are available 24 hours a day for hotel guests and from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM for fitness members


Age Restriction

  • For safety reasons, the use of the pool is limited to individuals who are at least 150 cm in height.
  • The use of the gym area and spa treatments is limited to individuals who are 16 years of age or older.


Please check in at Wellness Reception at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Arriving late will result in a reduction of treatment time.

Cancellation Policy

Because treatments are reserved especially for you, appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the reserved treatment price. The full reserved treatment price will be imposed for a “no-show”.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for wellness treatments and retail products are available for purchase.


Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.


Wellness treatments and wellness memberships are non-refundable, non transferable and non-exchangeable unless otherwise stated.

Wellness Facility Protocol

We kindly request that mobile phones be turned to silent mode and that noise be kept to a minimum to allow all guests to enjoy the serenity of the wellness centre. Children under 16 years are not permitted in the spa area. Smoking and consumption of alcohol in the wellness centre is not allowed.

Special Considerations

Before undertaking spa treatments, please consult your health practitioner if you have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart condition or any other medical complication. Guests are asked to complete a health questionnaire. Please advise reception if you have any health issues or concerns.


Jewellery and valuables may be placed in secured drawers in treatment rooms; however we recommend that no jewellery be worn in the wellness centre. The management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables brought in to the wellness centre.

Accidents or Injuries

Devarana Wellness shall not be liable for any accident or injury suffered by any member or guest.

Hydrothermal Facility Usage

Use of the heat and water experiences is included with all spa services, and guests are encouraged to arrive 60 minutes prior to their scheduled treatment.