Welcome to ASAI Kyoto Shijo, your connection to the neighbourhood.​

​Feel at home in comfy rooms equipped with thoughtful essentials, and a vibrant communal space where there’s always something happening, from collaborations with local creatives to workshops with wellness experts.​

​Find common ground with fellow travellers and ASAI ambassadors with the inside scoop on all the local happenings and hot spots. Take advantage of your convenient location in the heart of the ancient capital to uncover all of its treasures and elevate your stay with some of our carefully curated experiences. 

Local Connections

Local Delights At Nishiki

Dive into Nishiki market, a 390-metre street with a 400-year history, where you’ll find some unique ingredients even Kyoto natives don’t know. Browse stalls with fish, vegetables and local pickles, and don’t miss the chance to grab a truly authentic Kyoto coffee. The city consumes the most coffee in Japan and lots of long-established cafes surround the market. Contact us

Maiko Dance

When in Kyoto, you can’t miss the chance to watch a traditional performance. And you’re in luck, because on bi-weekly Saturdays, we welcome Maiko – the name given to trainee Geisha – for live dance shows in our lounge space. Don’t miss it – even locals have a hard time finding performances like these!​ Contact us

Paper Crafts

Join a local expert to explore the world of traditional handmade arts. Kyo-karakami is a printed paper craft that originates in China. The intricate designs are made with woodcuts and you can learn all about the history, techniques, skills, and patterns at Karamaru, just 5 minutes from ASAI. Try it and create your own original design for a unique souvenir. ​ Contact us

Traditional Kimono Experience

Get a fresh insight in our neighbourhood and nearby Gion and Kawara-machi by learning about local culture, customs and costume. Dress in a beautiful kimono, sip Japanese tea and coffee, and immerse in the ways of life that are unique to the ancient capital. Contact us

World Heritage Sites

As the ancient capital of Japan for 1200 years before Edo (Tokyo) was named the political capital by Shogun Tokugawa in 1603, Kyoto is filled with treasures. It was the foundational setting of Japanese traditional culture and heritage, and it’s home to countless historic buildings, some of which are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Contact us

Sustainable Shopping at Bukko-ji Temple

Visit D&Department, a shop in Bukko-ji Temple that focuses on sharing stories that represent the local community. Check out the sustainable goodies, local crafts and foods, plus exhibitions about local lifelong design. Stop by the café next to the shop for treats made with local ingredients. Contact us

Neighbourhood Bicycle Tour

Kyoto is compact enough that you can check out all the go-to sightseeing spots on two wheels. Visit a local bike rental shop, hop on and discover all the hidden gems in our neighbourhood! Get excited about all your cool finds, avoid the traffic and get some exercise. Contact us

Body and Mind

Nihon-Buyo – Traditional Dance

Dating back 150 years to the Meiji period, Nihon-buyo has now been developed into 200 different styles of dance within Japan. The original artform was influenced by the mixture of other Japanese traditional performing arts, including Noh and Kabuki. Learn the Kyoto form – Bando-style – in an interactive class. Contact us

Chair Yoga

On Tuesday afternoons, we invite you to connect mind and body in a chair yoga session on the first floor. No worries if it’s your first time, the practice is very beginner-friendly and our expert yogi will guide you through the movements, one by one. Contact us

Morning Run Along The Kamo

Head to the Kamo River, just 10 minutes from ASAI, for an energising run with a gorgeous view. A pro tip: start early and the scenic path will be less crowded. Finish up at Nouryou-yuka, a temporary alfresco dining space, where students, couples and families gather for a casual breakfast on benches. Contact us

Flower Arranging

Visit Rokkakudo Temple, the original home to the school of Ikenobo – the Japanese art of floral design, now famous throughout Japan. The art form values the beauty of natural life and teaches participants to see the uniqueness of each bloom. Join a session to discover more about this beautiful tradition. Contact us

Zen Meditation

Close your eyes, release your distractions and cultivate a clearer and purer mind with this ancient Buddhist practice. Visit locally well-known temples to join a zen meditation session and find yourself feeling calmer, more mindful and focused. Contact us

Morning Chanting at Bukko-ji Temple

Head to our local temple just five minutes walk from ASAI Kyoto Shijo to participate in morning chanting as a way to centre yourself at the start of the day. Buddhists believe that by reciting the sacred texts, we can cultivate mindfulness, compassion and a sense of interconnectedness with all beings. Contact us

Nature Exploration

Arashiyama Exploration

Arashiyama is a well-known tourist spot, where you’ll find the emblematic Togetsu-kyo Bridge, photogenic bamboo forests and a walk-and-eat tour of tasty local snacks. Hop on board a rickshaw to discover these great sites, plus a few extra hidden places, with lots of local knowledge from your expert guide. Contact us

Kiyomizu Temple and Yasaka Shrine

Get ready for a day of cultural discoveries as you explore two of our neighbouring must-see destinations. More than 1,200 years old, Kiyomizu Temple is one of Kyoto’s most popular World Heritage sites in Kyoto, set in the wooded hills east of Kyoto. Yasaka Shrine in Gion is famous for its vibrant Summer Festival. Contact us

Dusit Tea Plantation

Embrace the beauty of nature and explore the heritage of a drink rooted deeply in Japanese culture. Dusit Thani Kyoto – our sister property – has a tea field in Wazuka-cho, in south Kyoto, and invites you on a visit to see and learn about Japanese tea. Learn how the seasonal changes influence the taste and aroma of the tea, infusing each sip with a unique character. Contact us

Gastronomic Journeys

Matcha Making

Among Japanese green teas, matcha is unique. Join us to master the distinct method of making this brew of brews. With support from your expert tea master, you’ll learn all about its history and the easy steps to make it so it tastes perfect every time. Contact us

Monthly Specials

You’ll never get bored of the menu at Soi Gaeng. Our talented Thai chef serves new specials for lunch and dinner each month so you’ll always have something different and authentic to enjoy. Make your reservation and join us for lunch or dinner to see what’s cooking. Contact us

Cocktail Class

Join us for a fun exploration of creative mixology and learn to make our signature cocktails, Gapao Gin & Tonic and Coriander Mojito. Discover the ingredients and mixing techniques with secret tips and tricks from our friendly bartenders. Then raise your glasses and enjoy your delicious creations. Contact us

Thai Cooking Class

Discover the art of authentic Thai cuisine with our talented chefs at Soi Gaeng. Use ingredients hand-picked from our organic garden and learn how they're used to enhance the balance of flavours and textures in classic Thai dishes. Learn some new skills, make new friends and sit down to enjoy your culinary creations at the end. Contact us

Thai Desserts

Stop by Soi Gaeng on the first floor and grab a tasty Thai coconut ice cream before you explore the city, or re-energise with a delicious Thai bingsu when you get back. With your choice of toppings, these yummy treats are the perfect snack. ​ Contact us

Soba Sampling

Any noodle experience in Japan is incomplete without soba. A truly Japanese invention, these noodles are traditionally enjoyed on New Year's Eve for good luck. Visit Sobanomi Yoshimura, just three minutes away from ASAI Kyoto Shijo, to enjoy the authentic taste of real Japanese noodles. Contact us

Children and Family

Hidden Treasures in the Neighbourhood

Are you ready to find local hidden gems? Our ASAI ambassadors have endless local knowledge and they’ll send you out into the neighbourhood with plenty of suggestions and recommendations, whether you want culture, nature, eats or drinks. Contact us

Night Visit to Heritage Sites 

Some heritage sites in Kyoto welcome night-time visitors. Yasaka Shrine is open 24 hours and Kiyomizu Temple allows guests until 21:00 on special occasions. And at other sites, the illuminations make the experience extra magical. Contact us

Autumn Leaves or Cherry Blossoms by Train

Take in magnificent views of seasonal beauty on the Sagano Scenic Train. Hop aboard at Kyoto station and glide through the countryside, snapping epic pics from the viewing windows. With cherry blossoms in spring and incredible colours in autumn, it’s a seasonal spectacle not to be missed. Contact us

Night View from Kyoto Tower

In a city with strict height limits in place to protect the skyline, this unique 100-metre building is an incredible spot to take in panoramic views of Kyoto at night. Look out over the city to pick out World Heritage Sites like Kiyomizu Temple. Fancy a cocktail with your vista? Why not visit the sky lounge below the observation deck? Contact us

Night-Time Cherry Blossoms

The season is fleeting, but that’s exactly why it's worth visiting Kyoto’s famous heritage sites when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. At night, Heian Shrine, To-ji Temple and Kiyomizu Temple also offer illuminations to elevate the natural beauty and make your Instagram pics even better. Contact us

​Dress Up In Kimono and Yukata

Head to the rental shops in our neighbourhood to find beautiful examples of traditional Japanese dress. While the kimono is made from fine materials and worn for formal occasions, the yukata is considered more casual and often worn during summer. Get in the mood and fit in with the townscape of the ancient capital Kyoto. Contact us

City Tour By Bike

Compact Kyoto is small and safe – perfect for family explorations on two wheels. Rent yours from J-cycle, near ASAI Kyoto Shijo, and head out to explore the ancient capital of Japan. Bike along the Kamo River and stop at local cafes for coffee and sweets. There’s something for everyone out there. Contact us

Ninja Experience

Ever dreamed of becoming a Ninja? All your dreams come true at NINJA DOJO and STORE KYOTO, where you can participate in real ninja training in one of the main styles. Get dressed in your costume and master new skills with classes for every level from beginner to pro. Contact us