Join us at NAMM SPA, where you’ll find comfort and peace.

NAMM SPA offers a selection of wellness getaways with experiences designed to help guests strengthen the body and settle the mind. Spend a few hours or days in one of our wellness retreats to leave feeling healthier, happier and more energised.

Spa Treatment

Slow down, follow your breath & feel absolutely protected60 minutesRMB 880

This ultimate soothing and rejuvenating body wrap blends aromatherapy and energy extract from essential oil, is one of the most potent anti-aging botanicals. The overall effect is that of equilibrium and a harmoniously relaxed feeling.

Embrace of complete zen-like state60 minutesRMB 580

The traditional Thai massage using deep finger pressure point with a passive body stretching to alleviate muscle fatigue and tension, improves flexibility and provides an excellent inner balance.

Thermal therapy, warm up this season60 minutesRMB 980

The nature thermal therapy is by means of delivering the warm far infrared and anion via thermal instrument, keep body temperature at 36.8 – 37 degrees, the best immunity temperature of the body. Same time matched with the oxygen facial, increase the skin oxygen content and natural formulas act to revitalize skin, restoring the most balanced situation of the body by self-healing ability.



Spa Offer

Indulge in a range of luxurious treatments for ladies and gentlemen including aromatherapy massage and facials.

Spa Policies

Take a shower:

Please shower in the changing area before entering the pool.

Change clothes:

Please change into your swimsuit or swimming trunks before entering the pool area. Pets, food and drink, cameras, video recorders and toys are not allowed in the pool area.

Enter the bath quietly:

Do not run, swim or jump into the pool. Bath towels and bathrobes are not allowed.

Bathing etiquette:

Do not rub the body, wash your face, wash your hair, stare at others, smoke or eat in the pool area

Public ethics:

Anyone suffering from an infectious disease or medically determined to be unfit is not allowed to enter the pool.

Warm up before bath:

Please warm your body with warm spring water at the pool’s edge, drenching from foot first slowly upward until the shoulders and whole body are wet. It’s important to warm up before entering the bath in winter to prevent cerebral anaemia.

Time control:

Choose a suitable temperature to soak for 10-20 minutes each time in spring water.  After the end of one cycle, have a rest for 15-30 minutes before starting another cycle.

Control temperature:

The proper temperature is more effective in soothing the body and mind. The water temperature is moderate at 38-42℃, depending on the skin’s ability to bear. Please keep away from the pool’s delivery port of high temperature to avoid scalding.

Breathe evenly:

With the help of steam heat energy and mineral emissions to achieve relaxation.

Replenish water:

Drink water properly when taking a soaking bath, to regulate the metabolism inside the body.

Proper rest:

If heart palpitations or dizziness occur during bathing in a hot spring, get up slowly and step out of the bubble pool for a short rest. If the symptoms remain, stop bathing immediately.

Care for all ages:

Seniors must be accompanied when taking a bath, while the water temperature for children should not be too high.

Clean your body with clean water:

Clean your body with fresh water: There are minerals in the hot spring water. Washing your body with clean water after bathing in a hot spring helps to keep the minerals on your skin.