Immersive Experiences

A beautiful province with stunning natural landscapes, Krabi is famous for dramatic limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests and hundreds of offshore islands. Featuring turquoise water and stellar sunsets, it’s an unmissable destination, where the pace of life beats in time to the lazy waves. 

Enjoy an enchanting stay at Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort and discover a variety of unique experiences to enhance your perfect family holiday. Discover the region’s treasures as you connect with nature, take time to rejuvenate with dedicated wellness programs, and immerse yourself in the delicious flavours of local cuisine with fun, engaging and interactive classes and sessions.

Local Connections

Basic Thai Expressions

In this fun class, participants will immerse yourself in the fascinating richness of Thai language and culture in this fun class. Learn essential Thai phrases and expressions for everyday conversations, such as greetings, introducing yourself and asking for directions, and elevate your stay in the kingdom.

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Eco Community Market

Visit a sustainable community aligned with natural rhythms and patterns, that celebrates life and its diversity by bringing together artists, musicians, organic farmers, visioners, teachers, healers, plant-based chefs, naturalists, conservationists and more. Come and see how this group of people come together to share skills and knowledge, empower each other and expand consciousness for a more inclusive and beautiful world. Contact us

Koh Klang, Island Community

Known as Middle Island, Koh Klang is home to a community committed to preserving traditional ways of living. Despite its central location, close to Krabi Town, the island and village are relatively unknown to the outside world. Join us to cruise along a river abundant with wildlife to visit the enclave; experience authentic Thai village life including artisans crafting their wares. Contact us

Traditional Batik Painting

Batik art can be seen all over Krabi, most commonly on the sarongs and t-shirts worn by both locals and tourists at the beach. Work with an expert to explore the delicate processes of this island art, including waxing and dyeing. Discover about Krabi’s colourful designs – typically bright tropical flowers and marine themes – and learn to apply them freehand onto natural fabric.

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Pandan Leaf Flower Making

Widely used in Thai and Southeast Asian cooking as a flavouring for rice, beverages and pastries, pandan leaves are also used to wrap savoury food and for decorative flower making. Join us to pick the leaves from our garden and learn to transform them into roses and flower bouquets.

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Lotus Flower Making

Lotus flowers are often seen as a symbol of purity, strength and resilience because they rise from murky waters every morning, blooming without stains. Join our in-house expert for a private class to gather lotus flowers from our peaceful pond and learn to fold them in traditional ways.   Contact us

Body and Mind


This ancient practice is increasingly popular in our modern world and provides a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life, especially when you experience it on our tranquil beach and lawn. Join our resident yogi to strengthen your body and mind and reap the many mental, physical and spiritual benefits in all areas of your life.

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Sound Meditation

Discover the power of sound to focus the mind. Soothing, resonant frequencies anchor the mind in the present moment and allow you to let go of distractions. Lie back in our BeWell Studio and let the healing tones of our Singing Bowls wash over you to enhance mindfulness and relaxation. Contact us

Tai Chi

There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has the power to treat or prevent many health problems, and it’s suitable for participants of all levels. Join our Tai Chi master at CocoVida lawn to practise with a refreshing breeze and beautiful view of the Andaman Sea.

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Ice Bath

Not only effective for fast recovery after an intense workout, an ice bath can also unlock a multitude of benefits, including reduced stress, a stronger immune system, more energy and increased willpower. Begin the session with a 20-minute meditative breathing exercise, before immersing yourself in the ice bath for 2 to 15 minutes.

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Muay Thai

Master “The Art of Eight Limbs” in a private session delivered by a professional Muay Thai instructors. Improve your striking technique and develop a Muay Thai fighter’s conditioning at our purpose-built Thai boxing ring and gym.   Contact us

Aqua Board Wellness

Choose from a range of aquatic group exercise sessions that help to burn calories, tone muscles and improve fitness in fun and challenging ways. Aqua Fit, Aquaboard YOGA and Aquaboard fitness are scheduled weekly at various times and held at the CocoVida Pool. Contact us

Nature Exploration

VIP Longtail Tour

Experience eco-luxury travel on Krabi’s most iconic and exclusive long-tail boat. Cruise in style, and comfort on a private tour of the four local islands of your choice, and enjoy the combination of local charm, personalised service and exceptional cuisine. Consult with our staff to craft the perfect itinerary in the ideal vessel.

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Stand-Up Paddling Tour

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world! We believe that's because it's a fun, low-impact activity that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy together. Master the techniques in a private session and paddle out to explore gorgeous Andaman waters and the pristine coast of Klong Muang Beach. Contact us

Mangrove Kayaking

A crucial part of Krabi’s coastal ecology, the mangrove forests are a hidden gem among the area’s best natural attractions. They provide nurseries for fish and crustaceans, protect the coastline from erosion and filter the water and air. Aside from their ecological value, these fascinating forests offer enchanting waterways through which you can kayak. Contact us

Mountain Bike Tour

Mostly flat and peerlessly beautiful, Klong Muang and Krabi are best explored on two wheels. Ride out with the sea breeze in your hair to discover rubber plantations and pineapple fields, hidden villages and stunning coastlines. Contact us


Head to Spirit Mountain for a different kind of rock-climbing. In this lush tropical garden directly adjacent to a massive jungle-covered limestone karst, you’ll find numerous caves and large open areas punctuated with fruit trees and tropical vegetation. Take your time to scale the rock faces for an excellent workout that also calms and sharpens the mind.

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Ecosystem Restoration Project

Enhance your stay by connecting to the community: join an eco-project like the seagrass conservation initiative in Aonamao. Seagrasses supports biodiversity, clean the surrounding water and help take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Because of these benefits, seagrasses are believed to be the third most valuable ecosystem in the world and you can participate in preserving it. Contact us

Gastronomics Journey

Homemade Jam Making

Create your own delicious jams from seasonal exotic fruits. Under the guidance of our experienced chef, you will learn the art of selecting the finest fruits, preparing them and cooking them into flavourful spreads. Build a new skill to impress your friends and take home a delicious souvenir.

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Celebrate Life

Perfect for honeymooners, anniversaries, birthdays, surprises and engagements, this dining experience is all about you and your loved ones. Create moments to cherish at an intimate table on the beach, decorated with flowers and candles to create a captivating atmosphere under the stars. Gaze at the ocean as you dine on an exclusive a la carte menu of Thai, Italian, Indian or vegetarian cuisine, accompanied by a variety of wines and signature cocktails. Contact us

Private Chef’s Table

Spend an evening with our executive chef transform seasonal and local ingredients into a dinner to remember. In this exclusive, exciting and delicious experience, you’ll have the full attention of an expert chef and the chance to ask questions and learn about the signature cuisine and secret recipes at Toh Kin Khaw Contact us

Thai Classics

Put on your chef’s hat and join an interactive cooking class with Chef Wi to explore the art of Thai cooking. Using vibrant spices and aromatic herbs, you’ll learn to make three dishes from traditional recipes and master skills to impress your dinner party guests. Contact us

Thai Cocktail Course

Master the art of mixology with a Thai twist. Working with our star bartender, learn to match ingredients with the perfect spirit and how to concoct craft cocktails with fresh local herbs fruits and liquors. Contact us

Local Chef’s Table

Join us on a culinary journey at Toh Kin Khaw as our  Chef fuses cuisines from around the world. Explore textures, forms, flavours and modern techniques through the elemental themes of earth, wind, fire and water as we serve the world at your table. Contact us

Children and Family

Leaf Art Workshop

Explore the beauty and versatility of the leaves in our garden as an artistic medium. Under the guidance of our experienced instructor, you will learn various techniques to transform ordinary leaves into stunning pieces of art.

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Batik Handkerchief Making

Unleash your little one’s creativity while learning the traditional art of batik in this interactive workshop. Under the guidance of our skilled Kids Club Team, children will discover the ancient technique of using wax and dyes to create intricate patterns on fabric.

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Pizza Making Class

Entertain kids and grown-ups in a fun and exciting class making pizza with a professional Limoncello chef. Explore the sensory delights of dough kneading and get creative with your toppings. Contact us