Welcome to a tropical paradise – a multicultural melting pot where East meets West, and where America’s day begins. From glittering oceans and lush, unspoiled jungles, to an inviting urban environment, Guam truly offers the best of both worlds.  

At Dusit Thani Guam Resort, reawaken your sense of discovery through multi-sensory experiences. Learn about the rich local culture, from ancient Chamorros to modern history; connect with the island’s beautiful nature on scenic tours, and captivate your senses with delicious fare and flavours.

Local Connections

Island-Wide Tour

Venture out on a guided tour to experience the beauty and uniqueness of Guam. Travel north to explore shopping districts and popular tourist attractions. Head south along the ocean to see exquisite natural landscapes, historical landmarks, and some of the island’s most stunning waterfalls. Stop for pictures and eat at local restaurants along the way for an unforgettable day.

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Historical Museums & Heritage Sites

Delve into the beauty of Guam’s culture and its past to better understand the rich ancestry of the CHamoru people. A variety of museums and open-park memorials detail the Spanish, Japanese and American occupations of the island. Alongside these, there are also village exhibits that show the modern-day interpretation of Guam’s history and cultural significance.

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Beach Hopping

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Guam’s majestic beaches. Walk along the finest sands on the island and take a dip in the beautiful natural pools of the south. Ride the waves along Guam’s only black sand beach then enjoy a family picnic.

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Cultural Learning Centre

Visit Dusit’s CHamoru cultural learning centre to explore Guam’s history, agriculture, and ways of life through exciting interactive activities. End your experience with a photo that immerses the whole family in CHamoru culture!

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Guam Museum

Walk through the island’s history in an exhibit designed to educate and entertain guests of all ages and backgrounds. Explore the various galleries to get a glimpse of Guam’s fascinating culture and history to orientate yourself in your destination.

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Body & Mind

Meditation Session

Enhance your inner strength with guided breathing, mental, and physical exercises in a calm and serene environment. Whether in private or as a group, guided meditation will help improve your overall awareness and set you on the path to becoming your best self.

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Perfect Package

Connect mind, body, and soul with this full-day spa package. Start with an indulgent massage at Devarana Spa. Relax and enjoy a healthy meal, specially designed by our chefs at the Tasi Grill restaurant. Lastly, take a dip in the pool at sunset to reset and rebalance.

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Aqua Aerobics

Join our expert team for a fun aquatic workout in one of the hotel’s swimming pools. Available for guests of all ages in private or in groups, these full-body workouts will improve cardio fitness, encourage weight loss and improve muscular strength and endurance.

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Nature Exploration

Private Cruise

Set sail on your private craft to explore some of the most beautiful waters that Guam has to offer. Anchor in stunning locations to snorkel and swim in privacy, or catch glimpses of roaming dolphin pods and other aquatic creatures. Finish the day with a breathtaking sunset dinner.

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Dolphin Watching

Charter your boat for a private or group adventure; our sailing experts can help select the perfect craft for your dolphin-watching requirements. Sail out on the turquoise waves to spot our friendly, playful neighbours and make stops along the way to swim and snorkel.

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Star Gazing

Embrace the night with a visit to Guam’s best location to take in the spectacle of the heavens. Our expert guides talk you through the technology to identify different constellations in the sky and take pictures under the stars for a night you will never forget.

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Eco-Clean Up (Reef&Beach)

Join in snorkel sessions around Tumon Bay’s coral reef. See first-hand the beauty of Guam’s ecosystem and join the team dedicated to keeping it clean. These regular reef and beach clean-ups are a way to participate in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

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Guam National Wildlife Refuge Tour

Travel to a wildlife reserve tucked away on the northern end of the island. Experience the wonders of Guam’s natural land formations while learning about methods of safeguarding indigenous creatures. Join in small classes to delve deeper into Guam’s wildlife, past and present.

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Gastronomic Journeys

Cabana Dinner

Make magical memories to last a lifetime. Our exclusive Cabana Dinner is designed by your personal chef and served in a private poolside cabana. Work with us to craft the perfect experience, complete with any special decor or dishes, and sit back to enjoy a multi-course culinary feast, tailored to your tastes.

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Chef Collaborations

Indulge and embark on a culinary adventure as you enjoy special collaborative menus. Take your seats as the best chefs in Guam team up to craft incredible dishes that tell stories and mingle cultures. Experience the fusion of diverse cuisine made by experts who have trained worldwide.

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Children & Family

Aquarium Tour

Explore the magical ocean habitats of the Pacific 14 feet below sea level in a see-through tunnel. Come nose to nose with sharks, rays, groupers and barracudas, snap a photo inside giant megalodon teeth, learn fascinating fun facts along the way, and don't forget to ask for a shark tooth to take home to remember your visit!

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Ukulele Decoration

Connect with traditional island life through music. Join the experts to decorate one of the island’s most popular instruments. Once you’ve finished, play together with family and friends on the beach and soak up the tropical ambiance.

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Nature Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a journey around Dusit to discover the hotel’s hidden gems. Venture out solo or with family and friends for a natural adventure that promises revelations and wonderful memories, not to mention exciting prizes to be won.

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