Immersive Experiences

Set between the beloved Thai seaside towns of Hua Hin and Cha-Am, Dusit Thani Hua Hin is a landmark in its own right. Venture to the coast to discover signature hospitality and luxury on a classic-modern getaway. 

Explore the artistic, natural and cultural charms of this unique region, surrounded by sugar palm fields, mountains and sea. Discover new skills, eco-friendly activities and adventures for the whole family. Re-balance, energise, unwind and indulge in a destination with UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy status.

Dusit Thani Hua Hin invites you to join us on transformational journeys that will touch your spirit and enrich your experience.

Local Connections

Chocolate Farm

Nestled in the serene countryside, Phu Wichit Farm is a chocolate lover's paradise. Known as a haven for cocoa connoisseurs, it often hosts immersive experiences, making it a must-visit destination for anyone with a passion for all things chocolate. Head to the farm to explore acres of cocoa trees and taste the finest chocolate creations. Contact us

Thum Rong Community

Locals in Thum Rong have been cultivating toddy palm for centuries, passing recipes down from generation to generation, including toddy palm soup – a slightly bitter stew, and toddy palm cake – a deliciously sweet dessert. Spend a day with this fascinating community for the unique experience of working on a fully functioning plantation. Master some simple toddy palm leaf weaving patterns, make some toddy palm shell figures and learn how to make traditional kites. Contact us

Dusit Initiative: Sustainable Eco Workshop

Are you always looking for ways to care for our planet? Our mantra for a healthy Earth is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and our workshops are curated to make sustainability fun. Get started on your environmental journey with inspiring, engaging activities like canvas bag painting, candle making, explorations in the Herbarium and more.

Contact us

Dusit Organic Farm

Come explore Organic Farm to see its abundance of healthy, organic produce that guests, visitors and staff enjoy every day. With the recent addition of Boon’s Family and Happy Hens, you also have the chance to learn about how we are expanding our community. Pick your own salad, feed Boon’s Family and check out our free-range eggs. Contact us

Body and Mind

Shirin Yoku: “Forest Bathing”

Shinrin Yoku (森林浴) has become a vital part of preventative healthcare in Japan. Results from Japanese medical studies have shown that forest bathing improves sleep quality, mood and focus; it strengthens the immune system and reduces stress levels. Join our Shirin Yoku expert on a peaceful journey into nature, and discover the many benefits for yourself. Contact us

Living In The Present

Do you remember the last time you sat down, closed your eyes and took a deep breath? Take a purposeful pause in your vacation for some gentle meditation at DO Farm. Go deeper with your self-learning in the tranquillity of your room and bring yourself back to the present moment. Living mindfully helps us to focus body and mind, for greater serenity and appreciation of the world. Contact us

Sunset Yoga

Align your body and soul with the setting sun in a re-balancing session with our expert yogi. Practice pranayama breathing techniques, mantras and mudras chosen for the day and season and asanas suited to your individual needs, and finish with a grounding meditation. Open your eyes to see the spectacular sky slowly transforming at sunset. Contact us

Painting A Wooden Mandala

Discover your inner artist and tap into tranquility as you paint your own wooden mandala. Immerse yourself in the meditative process, drawing inspiration from nature's intricate patterns. Express your reverence for the world around us through vibrant hues and earthy tones, and let your creativity bloom. Contact us

Aqua Aerobics

Elevate your pulse and give your cardiovascular system a boost in a fun, low-impact session. The term "aerobic" actually means "with oxygen". This means that your breathing controls the amount of oxygen that reaches your muscles to help them move and burn stored fuel. Aqua aerobics is similar to a regular aerobics class, but since it's done in the water, it places less strain on your joints. Contact us

Aerobic Muay Thai

Explore the basics of Thailand’s world-renowned martial art in this dynamic class. Build endurance, strength and reaction time with a combination of kicks, punches, knee and elbow strikes. Muay Thai and other martial arts offer multiple benefits, including lower aggression and increased focus. Contact us

Create Your Own “Herbal Antidote”

Work with our herbal experts to craft a concoction designed for your needs: Detox: Counter imbalances, negativity and the strain of busy modern life with an antidote that will boost your focus, energy, immunity and mood. Destress: Mix ingredients that will work to heal uneasiness, frustration, tension, headaches, pain, irritability, tiredness, dizziness and burn out. Deep Sleep: Create a restorative elixir to relax, rest and boost brain function, perfect for those with a busy mind, poor memory and exhaustion. Contact us

Natural Toothpaste Making

Learn how easy it is to craft a product that is eco-friendly and tailored to your needs. Choose the ingredients in your toothpaste and customise the texture, flavour and abrasiveness. Not only is homemade toothpaste cheaper than store-bought, it reduces plastic waste too and unnecessary packaging too. Contact us

Nature Exploration

Release The Crabs

Experience the beauty of nature's cycle as you join us for the timeless tradition of releasing crabs back to the sea. Our coastal excursions allow you to connect with the ocean's rhythm, explore the impact of conservation and develop an appreciation for the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. Join us in preserving the wonders of the sea. Contact us

Baan Tham Sue

Learn about close-bond with nature lifestyle, good quality air, various nature conserving activities Under the shade of rain trees lies a tranquil countryside community next to Petchaburi River, nestled among the lush green nature of Kaeng Krajan district. The community revolves around organic agriculture and has plenty of interesting learning sites around the on-site homestay accommodation. Some of the forest-friendly conservational learning activities include making seed bullets for planting, learning about traditional recipes and boat tours of the area. This all began from the Tree Bank project, which aims to connect all living things to the people and the social responsibility of taking care of the forest. Contact us

Monsoon Valley Vineyard Tour

Just west of Hua Hin town, in the tranquility of the mountainous Thai countryside, lies the vineyards of Monsoon Valley. Traditionally not a wine-producing country, Thailand now has a number of vineyards in several locations and the wines from Hua Hin have won several medals in international competitions. Visit Monsoon Valley to learn about Thai wine-making, taste the products, indulge in a delicious lunch and tour the valley on elephant-back. The 40-minute drive up to the vineyards is part of the experience, winding through scenic countryside and traditional Thai villages. Contact us


With beautiful scenery and temperate conditions, it’s easy to see why Hua Hin is one of Thailand’s most popular golfing destinations. Set on the stunning coastline, Sea Pine Golf Course boasts spectacular ocean views. On a rolling hillside, Palm Hills Golf Club & Residence is lined with hundreds of palm trees. At certain times of the year, the exotic fragrance of the frangipani envelopes the fairways for a truly sensory game. Contact us

Water Rafting

Looking for an adrenaline rush? The thrills and spill of rafting will get your heart pumping as you experience the power of the river. Alternatively, take things a little slower by bamboo rafting along Petchburi River to experience the jungle, see the pace of local life and look out for exotic birds, wildlife and indigenous plants. Whether fast or slow, venturing into nature and escaping the bustle of modern life can help lower your stress and improve your mood. This activity is also available at Baan Tham Sue as part of the full-day tour. Contact us

Surfing and Kayaking

The Dusit Gracious Team is delighted to recommend local watersports experts and help plan your beach and ocean activities. Join the pros at Pineapple Surf Club to master the art of surfing. Or choose to explore the mangroves by kayak in an experience that includes bird watching and tree planting at The Sirindhorn International Environmental Park, just 10 minutes from Dusit Thani Hua Hin. Contact us

Beach Clean up

On any morning of your stay, you can join our team at 07:00 to clean up the beach; start your day in a positive way, doing something good for the planet and the community. Our daily beach clean-ups are not only a necessary response to human impact but an opportunity to build meaningful connections with each other and with Mother Earth. Let's spend some quality time giving back to the beach we love. Contact us

Palm Orchard Plantation Conservation

At Uncle Tanom's Toddy Palm Plantation, visitors uncover the quiet beauty of village life and discover local conservation techniques. Immerse yourself in a palm sugar plantation and get hands-on in the process of obtaining palm juice, from climbing the trees to filling a glass bottle to take home. This experience is filled with beautiful nature, open-minded people, local food, ancient architecture and traditions, for memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us

Gastronomic Journeys

Intimate Candlelight Dinner On The Beach

Take your seats at a table for two on the sand and indulge in a five-course culinary adventure tailored to your preferences and cooked before your eyes. A private butler is on hand to take care of all the details and conjure the perfect evening. Contact us

Cooking Class

Cooking classes at Dusit Thani Hua Hin are as diverse and compelling as our restaurants. Learn to work with local flavours to craft authentic Thai-Petchburian cuisine. Discover the secrets of homemade pizza and signature pasta in the San Marco Kitchen. Explore the unique recipes and stories of the South American dishes at NóMADA. Contact us

Chef’s Collaboration

We occasionally team up with some of the best chefs in the region to deliver a delectable gourmet experience that will entice your senses and tickle your taste buds. Contact us

Children and Family

Goat Milk Feeding

Watch your child’s delight as they interact with our gentle and friendly goats. Let them discover the joy of feeding and caring for these adorable animals and create wonderful memories at our scenic farm. This experience includes an exploration of farm life, stimulates curiosity and instils a love of nature in your little conservationist. Contact us

Kid’s Electric Scooter

Ignite your child's sense of wonder and adventure as they hop on board our super-fun electric scooters to zoom around Dusit Thani Hua Hin. With supervision and safety as our top priorities, children can experience the joy of freewheeling through the Lagoon Lawn and Dusit Lawn, uncovering hidden gems of nature and exploring enchanting corners. Contact us

Bicycle Adventure

Embark on a scenic bike ride with your loved ones to explore this beautiful setting. On two wheels, meander through our lush gardens and around tranquil lagoons. Bike rides let you immerse in the breathtaking beauty of our resort and embrace the wonders of nature with the whole family. Contact us

Underwater Scooter Dive

Plunge into a world of fun and adventure in the Garden Pool. Effortlessly glide through the pool's crystal-clear waters, guided by qualified experts for a secure and unforgettable aqua experience. An exhilarating experience for all ages, the underwater scooter dive promises to create a splash-tacular experience for you and your loved ones. Contact us

Arts and Crafts

Explore a world of creativity through arts and crafts and make memories as a family. Join us to explore hands-on projects that engage young minds, spark imagination and develop fine motor skills. From painting to paper crafts, our creative activities encourage artistic expression while fostering a love for the arts. Nurturing your child's creativity and watch their talents flourish. Contact us

Family Retreat

Connect, create and play on a family escape with something for everyone. Experience a range of enriching activities, including a Junior Muay Thai class, treasure-hunting farm tour, and a variety of exciting and imaginative workshops. Leave your children with us or join in with the activities as a family. Contact us

Bonfire Kids Camp Out

Experience an authentic summer camp-out with tents, grilled corn and marshmallows, games, arts and crafts. Watch your kids make new friends and magical memories on the beach, under the stars. Contact us

Junior Super Chef

Let your kids unleash their culinary creativity as they master cooking and baking techniques in a safe, hands-on environment under the guidance of our expert chefs. Contact us


Designed especially for little guests, our eco-friendly activities create meaningful experiences and open young eyes and minds to the wonders of zero-waste education. Our wide-ranging programme includes DIY sustainable toothpaste making and more. Contact us