Devarana Wellness

Devarana Wellness: discover bliss in a heavenly garden.

Inspired by the concept of the garden in heaven, Devarana Wellness is a tranquil retreat. Experience luxurious pampering and healing treatments in a soothing sanctuary. Amid contemporary Thai design and décor, transcend the everyday world and relax.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate pampering experience with Devarana Wellness’ skilled therapists expertly delivering a superb variety of indulgences, from massages, facials and scrubs to beauty treatments and exclusive programmes.

Operation Timing: Daily: 10:30 – 20:00 

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Body Treatment

Thai Herbal AntidoteMassage (60 minutes) | SGD170++/session | Scrub (45 minutes) | SGD130++/sessionMassage + Scrub (105 minutes) | SGD280++/session | Body Wrap (60 minutes) | SGD160++/session

These healing treatments includes a full body oil massage, exfoliation or detoxification.

An approach inspired by our very own nature’s gardens; a blend of herbs, salts, clays and muds.

Choose either a massage or scrub or both including wrap, in a personal consultation which will guide your selection of ingredients to match your wellness goals. An incredible connection to the foundation of Natural medicine.

Destress | Detox | Deep Sleep


Replenishing Marine Facial60 minutes SGD180++/session

A mineral-rich facial designed to rehydrate and replenish the skin, leaving it gloriously renewed. Using several different kinds of seaweeds with aromatic oil and plant extracts, this wonderful maritime face rejuvenation is very gentle even for those who have sensitive skin condition.

Brightening & Detox Facial60 minutes SGD190++/session

Nourishing & Soothing essential oils and almond oils are combined to gently eliminate impurities and dead cells, soothe away redness, and restore hydration for a flawless complexion. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Men’s Skin Health60 minutes SGD180++/session

Designed for men’s unique skin care needs, a facial dedicated to eliminating signs of fatigue and aging. A healthy and glowing look, this treatment deeply cleanses, tightens skin pores, and removes impurities.

Lifting & Firming – Anti-aging90 minutes SGD250++/session

Combat signs of ageing and maintain a youthful complexion with our therapeutic blend of seaweed and carefully selected minerals.

Holistic Wellness Programme

Destination Rejuvenation150 minutesSGD360++/700++/session

Say goodbye to stiffness, aches and pains and bring your travel-weary body back down to earth with a Body Scrub, followed by a Therapeutic Massage and a 30- minute Relaxing Facial.

Sleep Antidote150 minutes SGD400++/780++/session

Sleep deprivation strikes all of us at some point in our lives. Treat yourself to a well-earned rest with a relaxing therapy designed to help you drift into a restful nap. Includes a Lavender Body Scrub, a Hot Milk Bath, and a Body Balancing Massage.

Balance180 minutesSGD400++/780++/session

Fast-track your way to a peaceful state of mind with a 90-min facial treatment followed by our signature massage therapy that blends three techniques for maximum relaxation.

Incremental Wellness

Bath Therapy30 minutes SGD90++/session

Various types of warm-water soaks used to speed wound healing, to apply gentle heat to sore muscles or joints, to relieve emotional stress, or to treat a variety of physical disorders ranging from sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis to chronic sinusitis.

Milk & Roses | Cold Immersion Bath | Mineral Salt

Oriental Head Massage30 minutes SGD100++/session

Let your therapist knead your stress and headaches away with this intense and effective full head and scalp massage, improves flexibility and blood circulation within the head. Guests can choose to enjoy this massage with or without oil.

Herbal Compress Back Massage30 minutes SGD90++/session

Focused on the neck, shoulders and low back, this massage places lightly steamed compress on the back and lets their heating effect to relieve aches and pains as well as stimulating blood circulation. After the compress, soothing hand movements work into the muscle and soft tissue to relieve stress and tension.


Thai De-stress Healing Therapy90 minutes SGD270++/session

This stress relieving therapy uses Thai balm with warm oil and healing herbal packs great for arthritis, back pain, stress relief and many other common ailments. Combined with a preferred mix of subtle stretching and dry pressure point techniques with firm strokes along the meridians to relieve pain, detoxify your body and finishes with deep relax scalp massage.

Classic Thai Foot Massage60 minutes SGD170++/session

This treatment is highly effective in releasing full body tension through a rejuvenating ritual of foot cleansing and pressure point massage. Pressure is applied to stimulate points corresponding to major body parts and organs, restoring balance and harmony to the body.

Body Balancing Massage60 / 90 minutes SGD170++/230++/session

This ultimate relaxing massage uses long, soothing strokes to induce relief from stress and tension while stimulating blood circulation. Pressure can vary from soft to medium, in accordance to your personal preference.

Therapeutic Massage60 / 90 minutesSGD180++/250++/session

A restorative muscle therapy, sometimes known as Deep Tissue Massage – whereby the therapist uses targeted sustained pressure and kneading of your muscles that provides tension relief for real and immediate results.

Golf Performance Massage90 minutes SGD250++/session

Golf is very physically demanding. An effective golf swing requires strength, stability, explosive power, flexibility and athletic ability. The compound effect of these repeated large forces on the body can lead to many different types of injuries or strains. Our approach will help to relieve pain, increase range of motion and improve overall performance.

Devarana Massage90 minutes SGD250++/session

Exclusive to Devarana Spa, this unique massage combines strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques with Swedish and Aromatherapy influences for the ultimate soothing and pampering experience.

Side by Side Massage90 minutesSGD500++/couple/session

Customize your time together by enjoying our well-being massages together as a shared experience. There’s no hard and fast rule that says a Couples massage is to be strictly for couples. You can also reserve a dual massage with mom, or your best friend.

Signature Package

The Harmony Tad Si-the Traditional Thai Medicine120 minutes SGD300++/session

Ancient Thai therapy is based on the Buddhist teaching that the human body is composed of Tad Si or four elements of earth, water, wind and fire. Traditional Thai medicine also believes that diseases are caused due to two main reasons: first, an imbalance of the four elements in the body, and second that the mind is governed by ‘ego’ and ego leads to unhealthy emotions of attachment, aggression and obscuration that can disturb the body harmony. The Harmony of Tad Si combines a Thai herbal compress dipped into aromatic oil tailored to each guest’s body element, with Thai Massage, incorporating pressure point and stretching techniques to relax muscles, relieve soreness, promote circulation and stimulate the nerve meridians of the body.

The Heavenly Nantha Garden Experience150 minutes SGD350++/session

In the work of ancient Thai literature called Tribhumphraruang, Nantha was described as a garden situated at Heaven’s gate, with magical flowers and herbs. Devarana Spa’s signature treatment brings the divine Nantha Garden to life by mixing fresh tropical leaves and flowers grown in Singapore with aromatic blends of Ylang Ylang to create a truly heavenly experience. With the essence of flowers and herbs, this soothing treatment comforts your skin and uplifts your mind through the Devarana Bath and Devarana Body Scrub. Complete the unforgettable rejuvenation with the Devarana Massage that combines strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques with Swedish and Aromatherapy influences for the ultimate in relaxation and pampering.

Singaporean Delightful Journey120 minutesSGD300++/session

This unique spa program starts with a body scrub inspired by Singapore famous dessert called “Cendol”, blending sugar, coconut milk, the leaves and juice of fragrant Pandan with a hidden jackfruit scent. The freshly made scrub moisturises your skin with its pleasingly delicious smell, followed by deep tissue massage techniques performed mostly with the elbows for the ultimate body and mind reviver.


Spa Policies


To ensure your time with us is as pleasurable and as seamless as possible, we ask you to arrive at Devarana Wellness a minimum of 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time. If you wish to take advantage of our extensive facilities, we invite you to arrive one to two hours prior to your appointment or choose to make time post treatments.

Late Arrival

We encourage you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your treatment time, so as to allow adequate time to check in, consult with out hosts and change to be ready for your experiences and treatments. Should you be Late for the actual treatment start time, you may be subject to reduced treatment times.

Cancellation Policy

As treatment are reserved for you, if you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify at least 4 hours in advance, cancellation of a package, group booking or ritual requires 8 hours prior notice. No notice or ‘no show’ is subject to 50% cancellation fee from total treatment cost.


Advance bookings are always recommended to guarantee your preferred treatment and time. The spa policy requires providing valid credit card details or cash deposit to secure any of your appointments with us. Reservations will not be secured if such are not provided.

Contact Lenses

It is strongly encouraged to remove your contact lenses before your facial treatment. Please bring your own case and solution for lenses.


Jewellery and valuables may be placed in secured drawers in treatment rooms; however we recommend that no jewellery be worn in the spa. The management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables brought in to the spa.

Medical Concerns

Please notify the wellness host team before booking any treatment if you have any physical ailments, allergies, or disabilities, or are taking any medication and in case of pregnancy.


Kindly mention if you are expecting when making your reservations initially as a treatment option can be advised such as our certain specific facials listed in our Spa Menu.

Spa Ambience

Devarana Wellness is a tranquil environment for everyone to enjoy. As a courtesy to our other guests, please switch off your mobile phone or always place it in silent mode within the spa. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not permitted.

Age Requirements

All spa guests must be 16 years of age and above.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available from our Wellness Host and can be personalised to monetary or treatment value. They are the perfect gift for any occasion.