Immersive Experiences

Unwind, connect with nature, and discover meaningful experiences in an island paradise. 

Dusit Thani Maldives is exceptionally blessed to be surrounded by the natural beauty of Baa Atoll, the only place in the Maldives that's recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Discover a myriad of things to do during a vacation of a lifetime at our island retreat. Take in otherworldly vistas. Savour exceptional cuisine at world-class restaurants. Embrace a sense of peace and harmony through transformative activities at Devarana Wellness, and return home with your body, mind, and spirit fully rejuvenated.

Local Connections

Discovery with Dusit Safeeru

Join our Safeeru – a Maldivian cultural ambassador – for fascinating activities including a sunset cruise to spot dolphins and flying fish and explore the waters around our neighbouring islands. Learn more about traditional dhoni boats and each island’s unique traditional practices. Contact us

Local Island Tour

Explore a neighbouring island and get to know the Maldivian way of life with a guided tour. You may also opt to join a local Mamma lunch with homemade meals prepared the traditional way. Contact us

Papermaking Workshop

Experiment with recycling paper into beautiful handmade works. Join our team to investigate how we can make new paper and artistic masterpieces with “waste” and together we will share the art of papermaking and find ways to save trees and natural resources. Contact us

Back-of-house: Behind-the-scenes Tours

Explore the inner workings of our island and get a glimpse into our secrets on a guided tour of the back-of-house facilities, including an explanation of our water plant and generators. Contact us

Nature Walk

Head out on an informative guided tour of our beautiful island. Discover all the iconic sites as well as a few hidden gems. Stroll around the harbour and parks, visit architectural wonders and historic mosques, and learn about the local plants and animals. Contact us

Body and Mind

The Art of Thai Massage Workshop

Thai massage has many benefits that support good health and mental well-being. Learn the secrets of this ancient healing technique in a 45-minute workshop, which will inspire you to maintain self-care techniques that pave the way for sustained healing. Contact us

Sound Healing Therapy

For emotional resilience and general well-being, a sound bath meditation is a deeply immersive, full-body experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes. Sound baths enhance the restorative powers of vibrational therapy as the ancient bowls resonate with the body’s cells for realignment. Contact us

Yoga Sessions

Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation, all of which promote control of the mind and body while enhancing overall well-being. Join our expert yogi to explore this ancient practice and develop intentional habits and tools to use throughout your life. Contact us

Guided Meditation

Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention, develop a stronger sense of being in the present and work toward self-improvement. Guided meditation will help teach you simple stages and practical tools to start or deepen your meditation practice. Contact us

Personal Training

Achieve all your fitness goals with one-on-one training. Burn fat, gain muscle, improve your sport or challenge yourself with something new. We offer you various forms of training opportunities at all levels and interests to ensure you are engaged and excited to get moving. Choose from mat Pilates, running, circuit training, fat loss, body conditioning and strength training. Contact us

Mind and Body Fitness

Explore a mixture of eastern and western exercise philosophies to promote health and longevity. Various basic movements of Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga are incorporated into this class to strengthen your muscles and improve your coordination and balance. Contact us

Active Stretching

Experience a unique stretching treatment, which incorporates isolated repetitive movements to lengthen your muscles and gently release the fascia that surrounds your muscles. A beneficial way of increasing flexibility and your functional range of motion. Contact us

Nature Exploration

Manta Sanctuary Snorkelling

Magical Manta Rays: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Adventure at Hanifaru Bay Discover the ethereal world of manta rays and experience the surreal sensation of swimming alongside these gentle giants at Dusit Thani Maldives. Welcome to the enchanting world of Dusit Thani Maldives, where every day unfolds like a dream, and unique experiences await around every corner. Today, we invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey into the underwater realm of Hanifaru Bay, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that serves as a haven for manta rays and whale sharks during their feeding season. (more…)

Dolphin Cruise

Take your island vacation to the next level with a sunset cruise to meet wild dolphins up close. Relax on the sun deck and keep a look out, or simply enjoy the cruise as our experienced spotters watch for pods of Spinner or Bottlenose Dolphins. With luck, these magnificent creatures will come and play alongside our boat, treating you to a truly unforgettable experience. Contact us

Sandbank Escape

Venture to a pristine strip of powder-soft sand, surrounded by crystal clear waters. Tailor your trip with watersports, wellness activities or camping under the stars and indulge in a picnic in paradise. A sandbank escape is perfect for a family adventure or couple’s getaway. Contact us


Venture underwater with this quick introduction to scuba diving and master the basics before diving into the beautiful house reef to see the wonders of the underwater world. Contact the experts at the Ocean Dive Centre to craft the perfect itinerary, whether you’re a beginner or advanced diver. Contact us

Motorized Equipment

Indulge your craving for thrills with a range of exhilarating water sports. Choose from a breathtaking parasailing experience, fun inflatable rides, wake boarding and kneeboarding, or hop aboard a X-jetblade, Seabob, jet ski or water skis. Contact us

Non-Motorized Sport Equipment

All you need is the breeze and the ocean waves to connect with nature and a new hobby. Choose from windsurfing, kitesurfing, catamaran sailing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. Contact us

Marine Life Presentation

Take your seat to explore atoll formation, the creation of The Maldives, its environments, ecosystems and wonderful ocean life. The more you understand about this unique tropical paradise, the more you can appreciate its incredible bounty. Contact us

Reef & Beach Cleaning

Join our team to protect and preserve our waters and the house reef beneath from the marine debris washed this way by ocean currents. Regular beach and reef clean-ups are part of our ongoing commitment to minimising the environmental impact of the resort, and we welcome your involvement. Contact us

Coral Generation

Coral plays an important part in the Maldivian ecosystem. They protect islands from strong waves and currents, absorb the CO2 in the atmosphere, and feed and protect sea life. In our coral nursery, we cultivate new, healthy corals that will be rehabilitated into the reef to preserve its strength. Be part of this important conservation project by sponsoring a coral seeding or a frame. Contact us

Gastronomic Journeys

Floating Breakfast

Served in your villa’s private pool, a floating breakfast is the ultimate luxurious way to start the day. Indulge in Champagne, eggs royale, smoked salmon with green asparagus, a selection of baked goods and pastries, assorted fruits and nuts, various cheeses, light gourmet bites and other delicious treats. Contact us

Borderless Dining

Our unique Borderless Dining experiences allow you to dine in unimagined settings with sumptuous menus tailored to suit every occasion. Contact us

Interactive Cooking Classes

Explore authentic flavours with our expert chefs and earn your cooking certificate in Thai or Maldivian Cuisine. Learn about the ingredients, craft delicious dishes and enjoy every bite in an unforgettable lunch made with your own hands. Take away your recipe cards so you can try it all again at home. Contact us

Lagoon Wine Tasting

Dip your toes in the turquoise Maldivian waters and watch the sunset over the ocean as you enjoy a selection of wines chosen by our sommelier, paired with an assorted cheese platter. Contact us

Cocktail Making Class

Join our expert bar staff for a fun introduction to cocktail making and the art of mixology. Choose your flavours and spirits, explore the classics and craft your very own delicious concoctions. Contact us

Guest Chef Collaboration

We occasionally team up with some of the best chefs on the island to deliver a delectable gourmet experience that will entice your senses and tickle your taste buds. Contact us

Children and Family

Family Festival

Fun-filled adventures await our mini VIPs, when party time takes over the beach. Come together for an afternoon of exciting activities, from sack, spoon and dizzy races to sports like volleyball and games including musical chairs and caterpillar pillar. Contact us

Pool Days

Pools are great for swimming and exercise, but on vacation with kids and teens, they transform into hubs of fun. Gather the family, settle on loungers and spend a day splashing, playing, dipping and diving in one of the largest infinity pools in The Maldives. Contact us

Bubble Party

There’s nothing our mini VIPs love more than jumping and dancing through the floating bubbles. Grab a magic wand and create fantastical bubbly shapes to grab and pop by the pool. Contact us

Fly a Kite

Kite-making is a popular traditional family activity in The Maldives and sometimes there’s an element of friendly competition. Get in on the action with coloured paper, thread and coconut leaves and then hit the beach to fly your creative high in the sky. Contact us

Social Tennis

Tennis is a great way to get active, spend time with family or make new friends. Join our resident coach for a family-friendly one-hour session packed with drills, fun and casual games. Level-up your skills and share a new hobby together. Contact us

Cinema under the Stars

Snuggle up amid the coconut trees with the Indian Ocean as a backdrop and the starry skies above, ready for a movie night to remember. Sit back with popcorn, snacks and drinks as the silver screen comes alive, and enjoy your favourite films in a unforgettable setting. Contact us

Beach Bonfire

Gather with family and friends on the sand as the sun goes down. Share stories and laughs around the camp fire as the waves lap the beach and the stars come out in the sky above. Contact us

Natural Scavenger Hunt

Get outside with the kids for a treasure hunt to remember. This scavenger hunt takes you deep into the natural world to search out island gems like coconut shells and rare tropical leaves – the perfect way to connect with the kids and paradise. Contact us

Coconut Crafts

Known in the Maldives as the Tree of Life, the coconut palm has countless uses. Island folk use the leaves to weave flowers, sun hats and handicrafts. Join a local artists to explore the techniques, learn new skills and make your own coconut masterpiece. Contact us

Paper Making

Discover an imaginative method to craft timeless creations that endure. Delve into the art of papermaking using water and stay creative like never before. Contact us

Discover Dusit

Hand the kids over to our brilliant team who’ll take them behind the scenes to explore the secrets of Dusit life and get in on the action and activity. Join the staff for football, volleyball, snooker or a jam session in the music room and make unique memories. Contact us