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Immersive Experiences

Venture to Pattaya, a popular beach getaway on the Gulf of Thailand, where myriad cultural, natural and experiential wonders await. 

Enhance your stay at Dusit Thani Pattaya with adventures to suit every taste, from culture mavens seeking hidden local gems, to gastro connoisseurs. Explore the nature that surrounds the city and meet its inhabitants, from sea turtles to majestic elephants. Revitalise body and mind with exercise and wellness experiences paradise. Dine on local street food or culinary masterpieces, prepared with flair.  

Local Connections

Morning Tak Bart

Experience the serenity and grace of a traditional ritual and feel immersed in local culture. Tak Bart – or almsgiving is a truly Thai way to start the day. Join us at 7:00 each morning to make merit as you give and receive blessings from our local monks. Contact us

Baan Takian Tia

Discover a culture deeply rooted in self-sufficiency on a day trip from the busy city. Venture out to visit a local community where the inhabitants leverage the wisdom of coconuts and transform them into a variety of products that bring value and income to the community. Contact us

Baan Nong Pla Lai

Live the life of a local farmer for the day in a small conservation village in Banglamung District and learn that “Pattaya also has rice fields” Taste authentic dishes from banana blossom and fish curry to coconutty desserts. Explore the fields, shoot natural fertilizer bullets and experience the colourful warmth of rural Pattaya. Contact us

Baan Chak Ngaew

A traditional community maintains the distinctive wooden row houses lined up along this Soi, where the way of life combines Thai and Chinese cultures to create a unique identity. Every Saturday evening, the street comes to life with delicious local food, lit by red lanterns to transport you to a bygone era. Contact us

Natural Tie Dye

Learn how to make unique patterns with traditional folding techniques and colours from nature. Using plants and flowers from our D-Jai Farm we’ll reveal the local tips and tricks to get bright colours and beautiful designs, and help you create a truly one-of-a-kind natural tie dye piece that is as beautiful as it is sustainable. Contact us

Coconut Soap

Work with local, natural ingredients to make an eco-friendly, chemical free soap to take home and enjoy. An excellent moisturiser, coconut oil is the perfect base for your soap and our talented experts guide you through the process. Contact us

D Jai Farm Tour

Join the tour to walk through our D-Jai Farm and learn all about vegetable planting and organic fertilize process. To support sustainable agriculture that we have developed and dedicated to compose the organic-based fertilizers which help improve soil health by maintaining or increasing the soil’s organic matter content over the long term. Contact us

Body and Mind

Beach Body Movement

Transform your body into one that is firmer, leaner, and stronger in this challenging and rewarding class on the sand. The benefits include improved coordination and balance, increased strength in the lower body and core, and better posture. Contact us

Beach Meditation and Yoga

Discover improved flexibility and resilience on the beach. As the sea laps the sand, work through yogic postures designed to lengthen and strengthen and breathe through the asanas to centre yourself. Find space and clarity with a meditation practice to bring balance to body, mind and soul. Contact us

Circuit Training

Boost your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance while saving time! Work large muscles groups through a combination of upper, lower, and whole-body exercises with short breaks to raise your heart rate and keep it elevated for optimal results. Contact us

Beach Run

Burn calories and improve your overall performance on sand, to enhance your dynamic stability and speed. Because sand is an uneven surface, it requires more energy from your foot muscles to keep your body moving forward, making your workout more challenging and rewarding. Contact us

Thai Herbal Compress Workshop Lesson

If you're interested in exploring authentic Thai healing, working with compresses is a great place to start. Learn about healing herbs and their miraculous benefits with a local expert and put your new-found knowledge into practice when you return home. Contact us

Nature Exploration

Private Yachting

Discover life on the ocean as you set sail in your very own luxury craft. Explore the underwater wonder-world beneath the surface with the aquatic activities of your choice and watch the sunset paint the sky as you indulge in sumptuous dishes served by attentive staff. Contact us


With over a dozen courses within an hour's drive of the hotel, you’ve entered golf paradise. Many of the courses around Pattaya boast spectacular mountain vistas and delightful climates, challenging playing conditions and world-class facilities. Let us help you choose the ideal links for you. Contact us

SUP Boarding

Explore the waters at a peaceful pace on a stand-up paddleboard. Our experts guide you through the basics or reveal tips for pros as you find mental and physical balance atop your SUP board. Glide across the water, soak up the sun in the fresh air and become one with nature. Contact us


Enjoy beach views from a unique point of view as you scud across the sky. This exhilarating activity sets your pulse racing and gets the adrenaline flowing as you soar above crystal blue waters and float among the seabirds. Contact us

Mangrove Planting

Mangroves are crucial for carbon sequestration and coastal protection. Join our eco experts in forest conservation and rehabilitation projects to learn more about these miraculous plants and how we can cohabit with coastal ecosystems to maintain natural balance. Contact us

Sea Turtle Conservation

The Sea Turtle Centre educates the public on the life cycle of sea turtles and enhances understanding around conservation. Pay the nursery a visit to learn about our aquatic friends and how protecting them benefits all of us. Contact us

Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary

A small herd of rescued elephants now live together as a family outside Pattaya. Visit this charming crew and observe them enjoying their newfound freedom with wonder and joy – trumpeting to each other, playing and exploring their natural jungle habitat. Contact us

Gastronomic Journeys

Private Candlelit Dinner

Take your seats for an unforgettable experience to ignite the senses. Gaze out over beautiful Pattaya Beach as the sun sets over the Gulf of Thailand and your personal chef crafts a menu of Thai flavours using local organic produce and seasonal ingredients, including fresh seafood and vegetables grown in the hotel’s garden. Your private butler serves each course as the stars come out overhead and each bite nourishes not only the body, but the soul. Contact us

Cooking Like A Local

This unique experiential cooking class is perfect for beginners and anyone wanting to add some knowledge to their culinary craft. Join our experts, who are influenced by generations of family and cultural secrets, to explore new recipes and techniques using ingredients from the farm at Dusit Thani Pattaya. Contact us

Cocktail From Local Ingredients

Our master mixologists work very closely with the chefs, so it was a natural progression to see the use of locally sourced and seasonal ingredients extend into our cocktails. Explore those flavours as you savour four fresh cocktails, one for each season. Contact us

Guest Chef Collaboration

When culinary masters team up to create bespoke gourmet menus, diners experience innovative flavour combinations and gastronomic flair on another level. Our exclusive collaborations result in surprising signature touches and creative concepts, so take your seat to experience live cuisine art. Contact us

Children and Family

Underwater Scooter

Experience an unforgettable aquatic adventure at Chaba Pool as our expert instructors introduce you to your state-of-the-art scooter. Zoom through the waters for a thrilling ride in an exciting and unique experience that you don't want to miss. Contact us

Fish Feeding

Introduce your little ones to the wonders of the underwater world. Aquatic encounters await as you join us for a fin-tastic family activity and let your kids experience the joy of feeding their sub-marine friends. Contact us

Family Retreat

Gather the whole family and immerse in a fun-filled day packed with interactive activities and entertainment. Make memories together as you participate in outdoor adventures, sustainability workshops, traditional Thai children’ games, and a variety of health-focused sessions Contact us