A Journey of Simple Harmony. Relax, revitalize and enhance your well-being at Namm Spa.

Concept of healing through water that inspired us to create Namm Spa, where the skilful touch of our well-trained therapists will erase the stress of modern life and rejuvenate your body and senses.

Body Exfoliation

Rose Petal Body Scrub60 minsOMR 50.-/session

Our rose petal helps to soften, repair and nourishing skin leaving it silky smooth and radiant.

Superb for anti-aging with a wonderful scent.

Aromatic Coco Coffee Scrub60 minsOMR 50.-/session

Mixture of fresh coconut milk with ground coffee and traditional Arabic herbs essential oil helps to cleanse skin without removing the skin’s natural moisture, skin feels smoother with even tone while coffee extracts provide an excellent antioxidant.

Body Massage & Treatments

Thai Herbal Antidote60 mins - Massage OMR 45.-/session | 60 mins - Scrub OMR 50.-/session90 mins - Massage + Scrub OMR 85.-/session

These healing treatments includes a full body oil massage or exfoliation.

An approach inspired by our very own nature’s gardens, a blend of herbs, salts, clays, and muds.

Choose either a massage or scrub or both, in a personal consultation which will guide your selection of ingredients to match your wellness goals. An incredible connection to the foundation of Natural medicine.

Destress | Detox | Deep Sleep

Couples Time Together

Side by Side Massage60 mins – OMR 85.-/couple/session90 mins – OMR 115.-/couple/session

Customize your time together by enjoying our 60 minutes well-being massages together as a shared experience. There’s no hard and fast rule that says a Couples massage is to be strictly for couples. You can also reserve a dual massage with mom, or your best friend.

Couples Connect90 minsOMR 155.-/couple/session

Connecting through unity and a shared experience. Enjoy 60minute side by side Massages, followed by an express facial for her and a foot reflexology for him.

Couples Retreat60 mins – OMR 85.-/couple/session | 90 mins – OMR 115.-/couple/session60 mins - OMR 50.-/couple/session

For an elevated wellness experience, embark on a multi-faceted and special time together. A fun & engaging experience for couples seeking to enrich the connection within their relationship. Beginning with your 60 minutes couple’s treatment of choice, a retreat co-created by you, customize your itinerary and your multi day package;

60 mins – OMR 85.-/couple/session
90 mins – OMR 115.-/couple/session

customize your itinerary and your multi day package;

  • Private couple’s yoga or meditation session
  • Time together facility usage, hydrotherapy immersion
  • Fitness class of choice

60 mins - OMR 50.-/couple/session

*Please met with our Wellness Hosts to arrange any special considerations, packages or inclusions


Holistic Wellness Program

Destination Rejuvenation2.5 hoursOMR 105.-/session

Say goodbye to stiffness, aches and pains and bring your travel-weary body back down to earth with a Body Scrub, followed by a Therapeutic Massage and a 30-minute Relaxing Facial.

Sleep Antidote2.5 hoursOMR 110.-/session

Sleep deprivation strikes all of us at some point in our lives. Treat yourself to a well-earned rest with a relaxing therapy designed to help you drift into a restful nap. Includes a Lavender Body Scrub, a Hot Milk Bath, and a Body Balancing Massage.

Balance3.0 hours OMR 120.-/session

Fast-track your way to a peaceful state of mind with a 90-mins facial treatment followed by our Body Balancing Massage therapy techniques for maximum total balancing.

Incremental Wellness

Herbal Compress Back Massage30 minsOMR 35.-/session

Focused on the neck, shoulders and back, this massage places lightly steamed compress on the back and lets their heating effect to relieve aches and pains as well as stimulating blood circulation. After the compress, soothing hand movements work into the muscle and soft tissue to relieve stress and tension.

Oriental Head Massage30 minsOMR 30.-/session

Let your therapist knead your stress and headaches away with this intense and effective full head and scalp massage, improves flexibility and blood circulation within the head. Guests can choose to enjoy this massage with or without oil.

Bath Therapy30 minsOMR 35.-/session

Various types of warm-water soaks used to speed wound healing, to apply gentle heat to sore muscles or joints, to relieve emotional stress, or to treat a variety of physical disorders ranging from sports injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic sinusitis to painful

Milk & Roses | Cold Immersion| Mineral Salt | Thai Herbal

Pause Emotional Resilience

Meditation & Mindfulness60 minsOMR 30.-/session

Develop a stronger sense of being in the present and working toward self-improvement. 60 mins guided meditation will help teach you simple stages and practical tools to start your very own meditation practice or deepen your already established meditation practice in this 1 on 1 session.

Signature Package

Omani Unwind Journey2.0 hoursOMR 100.-/session

Inspired by its refreshing local herb and fruit, pomegranate provides the unique and tropical touch of Oman with “Laban” and sugar. The fruit acids dissolve dead cells and penetrate deep into the layers of your skin for complete rejuvenation. This scrub helps your skin to retain its youthfulness and vitality. This exclusive spa pampering journey rejuvenates your skin and uplifts your mind through antioxidant pomegranate body scrub and followed by Namm Signature Massage using aromatic oil of frankincense as grind ingredients.

Thai Heritage Therapy2.0 hoursOMR 95.-/session

Both invigorating and relaxing, this unique treatment begins with the Hermit’s Body Twist – a series of full body stretches and breathing exercises to promote circulation. This is followed by an aromatic massage using oils made from a blend of Thai herbs, and a pressure-point massage to balance your body and mind.

Skin Enhancer

Oasis Sootherfor all skin typeOMR 55.-/session

Preparing the body for an intensive layering of hydrating aloe gel & soothing lavender oil. A hydrating mask is applied to the face and while the active extracts get to work an Ayurvedic scalp massage releases tension in the head for an all-over relaxing, restorative treatment.

Aloe Apricot Treatfor sensitive/dry skinOMR 55.-/session

Enjoy the tingle of nature’s most soothing and nourishing ingredients aloe gel and apricot. This works into your skin to heal, moisturize, and stimulate cell renewal. Pamper your skin with this cool treat, which is excellent for dry, sensitive, and sunburnt skin while enjoying the Ayurvedic scalp massage for totally relaxing.

Specialty Massage

Calm Mind Stress Relief45 minsOMR 40.-/session

This therapeutic treatment supports the mind to let go by addressing specific acupressure points on the neck, head, hands and feet. Massage combined with warm and cool compress, aids circulation muscular releases so the mind and body can re-develop a state of wellbeing.

Thai Foot Massage45 minsOMR 40.-/session

This treatment is highly effective in releasing full body tension. A rejuvenating ritual of foot cleansing and pressure point massage. Pressure is applied to stimulate points corresponding to major body parts and organs, restoring balance and harmony to the body.

Detoxified & Contoured Massage60/90 minOMR 50.-/65.-/session

Employing consistent medium pressure to increase the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system, this massage promotes the detoxification and improves circulation.

Body Balancing Massage60/90 minsOMR 45.-/60.-/session

This ultimate relaxing massage uses long, soothing strokes to induce relief from stress and tension while stimulating blood circulation. Pressure can vary from soft to medium, in accordance to your personal preference.

Traditional Thai Massage60/ 90 minOMR 45.-/60.-/session

This traditional Thai treatment is practiced with grace, mindfulness and a spirit of generosity. Blissfully nurturing nuad-pan-boran is a rhythmic oilfree massage.

A blend of passive stretching and acupressure in meditative surroundings.

Therapeutic Massage60/ 90 min OMR 45.-/60.-/session

A restorative muscle therapy, sometimes known as Deep Tissue Massage - whereby the therapist uses targeted sustained pressure and kneading of your muscles that provides tension relief for real and immediate results.

Ancient Thai Massage90 minOMR 70.-/session

These healing techniques are based on the spirit of Traditional Thai healing wisdom and Wellness principles. A holistic remedy aimed at recovery from wear & tear on the mind and body.

Employing methods of deeply sustained pressure and yogic stretching with Tok Sen tools and warm herbal compresses. Transcendence is obtained via mindfulness and breathwork that harmonizes the flow of energy and Sen.

Thai Heritage Massage90 minsOMR 60.-/session

A unique, one of a kind massage and it’s therapeutic effect is recognized as the most effective massage in the world with Tok Sen tools to achieve a deep bodily vibration through tapping, stimulates from within and removes persistent muscle tension. Its technique allows you to remove the blockage of energy pathways and promote the normal flow of energy in the body.

Namm Signature Massage90 minsOMR 70.-/session

Created exclusively for Namm Spa, this special therapy combines three massage techniques Thai, Lomi Lomi, and Abhyanga to soothe the mind, body and spirit. Pressure can vary from medium to firm.

Replenishing Marine Facial60 minsORM 60.-/session

A mineral-rich facial designed to rehydrate and replenish the skin, leaving it gloriously renewed. Using several different kinds of seaweeds with aromatic oil and plant extracts, this wonderful maritime face rejuvenation is very gentle even for those who have sensitive skin condition

Detox Ritual60 minsOMR 60.-/session

Nourishing & Soothing essential oils and almond oils are combined to gently eliminate impurities and dead cells, soothe away redness, and restore hydration for a flawless complexion. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Men Skin health60 minsOMR 60.-/session

Designed for men’s unique skin care needs, a facial dedicated to eliminating signs of fatigue and aging. A healthy and handsome look, this treatment deeply cleanses, tightens skin pores, and removes impurities.

Lifting & Firming – Anti-aging90 minsOMR 75.-/session

Combat signs of ageing and maintain a youthful complexion with our therapeutic blend of seaweed and carefully selected minerals.

Workshops & Classes

Workshops & Classes

Specialty sessions inspired to create intentional habits that pave the way for sustained healing. Education. Continued wellness community support and group involvement.

Sustainable workshops | Crafts | Demonstrations | Seminars

*Please refer to our website and most recent Wellness Calendar.