Immersive Experiences

Phuket has been deemed a paradise, boasting natural wonders, from crystalline azure waters to verdant mangroves, and a living heritage that’s enriched by the region's unique multicultural background.

Enjoy an exceptional stay at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket and discover a world of experiences that will ensure a memorable island holiday with your family. Learn local wisdom from indigenous local communities, connect with nature through our wellness-fuelled programmes, and entice your palate with the many distinctive culinary delights that Phuket is revered for. 

Local Connections

Tha Chat Chai Village

This small fishing village is a melting pot of different cultures. Get a peek into the daily life of local ethnic fisherman at Mogen Village, home to sea gypsies who have inhabited this area for centuries. Contact us

Sustainable Living

The area surrounding Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket is dedicated to sustainable agriculture. We grow our own produce at our organic vegetable farm and pick fresh organic eggs from our hen house. Our team is more than happy to show everyone in your family around, and will even help you gather greens and veggies, as well as eggs, for your scrumptious meals.

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Batik Painting

Batik art can be seen all over Phuket, most commonly on the sarongs worn by both locals and tourists at the beach. Making batik involves a lot of delicate processes, including waxing and dyeing. Phuket’s colourful designs, which include bright tropical flowers and marine themes, are designed freehand, with artists painting the colours directly onto natural fabric.

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Natural Tie Dye

This is a traditional way to create fabric in different colours using dyes derived from plants that can be found in Phuket, such as purple cabbage, butterfly pea, turmeric, freckles, and pandan.

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Bangrong Village

This small Muslim community is located in one of Phuket’s most historical areas. The surrounding mangrove forests and fertile lands allow the locals to retain their traditional livelihood of fishing and agricultural farming. Contact us

Bangtao Village

The community of Cherng Talay-Bangtao, where Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket is located, is comprised mostly of Muslim and Hakka Chinese residents. A fascinating balance between the old and new ways of life exist. Farming and fishing have always played a significant role in the community, but are nowadays complemented by the tourism industry—a large swathe of the area now hosts Laguna Phuket, one of Asia's biggest resort complexes. Contact us

Body and Mind

Ultimate Golf Destination

Explore Laguna Golf Phuket, honored as Thailand's top golf destination by Golf Digest. With an 18-hole course, PGA-branded academy, and luxury amenities, it's perfect for golfers of all levels. Stay at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket for world-class accommodations right next to the course. Contact us

Active Stretching

Experience our unique stretching treatment, which incorporates isolated repetitive movements that lengthen your muscles and gently release the fascia that surrounds your muscles. It’s a beneficial way of increasing your flexibility and functional range of motion. Contact us

Personal Training

Achieve all your fitness goals through one-on-one training with our resident fitness expert. Burn fat, gain muscle, strengthen your body, or simply challenge yourself with something new. We offer training opportunities at all levels and interests to ensure you are engaged and excited to get moving, including mat Pilates, running, fat loss programs, body conditioning, and strength and conditioning. Contact us

Muay Thai Boxing

Learn the traditional Thai martial art that find its roots in the 18th century. Join one of our group classes or schedule a private session to benefit from a total body workout, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate practitioner, or  focusing on cardio or weight loss.

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Optimal Performance Coaching

Dusit is highly committed to your personal wellbeing and mental health. Our resident practitioners can help support you on your wellness journey by providing mental and emotional stress release sessions, nutrition and wellbeing assessment, and performance coaching.

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Yoga Classes

Different types of yoga are offered, from Hatha, to Vinyasa, to Pranayama. Learn basic asanas (physical poses) techniques or invite inner peace with mind-body awareness practices that incorporate breathing and resting techniques. Both group classes and individual sessions are available. Contact us

Energy healing

Engage in reiki and Tibetan sound healing therapy to improve your mental and general wellbeing. Reiki unlocks a special energy that helps our own healing systems work to their full potential, while sound baths, which harness the restorative powers of vibrational therapy, help realign the body’s cells.

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Work towards self-improvement and develop a stronger sense of being in the present. In this guided one-on-one meditation session, we will teach you simple and practical tools to start your very own meditation practice or deepen your already established meditation practice.

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Gastronomic Journeys

Occasion Chef Collaboration

We occasionally team up with some of the best chefs on the island to deliver a delectable gourmet experience that will entice your senses and tickle your taste buds Contact us

Authentic Thai Cooking Class

Learn the secrets behind classic Thai recipes when you take our cooking class. Savour the meal you prepared and receive a certificate at the end of the class. Contact us

Amore Dinner

It’s all about you and your loved one. Create moments to cherish with an exclusive romantic evening meal that’s tailor-made to your wishes. Set menu choices include Contemporary, Italian, Thai, or Vegetarian. Contact us

Nature Exploration

Mai Khao Marine Turtle

The conservation of sea turtles and other sea animals is the core mission of this foundation. Learn more about the turtle population in Phuket and the delicate ecosystems they live in, and find out how you can do your part to protect these amazing marine creatures. The tour includes a turtle viewing and, for kids, a Turtle Guardian session that includes workshops on turtle care, beach cleaning, and art from trash. Contact us

Elephant Sanctuary

Experience ethical and sustainable eco-tourism at this home for retired working elephants. This sanctuary also rescues sick, injured, and old elephants, and introduces them back to their indigenous habitat where they can enjoy their freedom among verdant greenery and cooling lagoons. Contact us

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Visit this animal welfare and conservation project near Bang Pae Waterfall. This place rescues, adopts, and rehabilitates gibbons that have been subjected to physical and mental stress in the illegal tourist trade. Learn about the fascinating lives of these small apes and how to help reintroduce them to life in the forest. Contact us

Private Exploring Yacht/Catamaran/Cruise

Make the most of your island getaway and enjoy life on the open ocean in comfort and privacy. Explore remote isles, pristine white-sand beaches, and colourful coral reefs on a luxury cruise. Personalised service and exceptional cuisine enhance this unforgettable experience. We partner with the well known and professional local businesses in order to offer you the best option. Consult with our staff on your itinerary and which vessel would meet your requirement. Contact us

Mangrove Kayaking

Mangrove forests are rarely highlighted when talking about the best of Phuket’s attractions. These natural sites are a crucial part of Phuket’s coastal ecology. Fishermen have always understood the importance of mangroves as nurseries for fish and crustaceans. Aside from their ecological and economic value, these forests offer enchanting waterways through which you can kayak. (Kayak route: 960m for an hour.) Contact us

National Park Trekking

Khao Phra Thaeo National Park in Thalang, north of Phuket Town, offers some of the best hiking trails on the island. Go on a six-kilometre nature trek from Ton Sai Waterfall to Bang Pae Waterfall, and stimulate your senses with the sight of rare plants, exotic flora, and gibbons, and the sound of birds singing and water gushing into a stream. Contact us

Children and Family

Family Retreat

The perfect opportunity for some real quality time. At the Family Retreat, you connect, create, play and experience a range of enriching activities including Surf Camp, Junior Muay Thai, a treasure hunting farm tour, and a variety of other fun and imaginative workshops. Let us take care of your children or bring them with you for a family adventure! Contact us

Children’s Camp Out Experience

Let the little ones loose to make new memories and friendships that will last a lifetime! They’ll be mesmerised by this real summer vacation style camp-out in comfy tents, and can’t wait to get involved in games, arts and crafts and face painting. As dusk falls it’s time to roast marshmallows around the fire. Contact us


Older children will love this outdoor experience. After dark, we’ll gather around the bonfire with friends and family, to tell stories, sing songs and make lasting memories together. Contact us

Surf Camp

With sun, sea and sand, surf camp is popular with aquatic adventurers. Learn important Junior Lifeguard principles as you build water confidence, explore ocean safety and get to grips with the basics of surfing. Improve stability and balance while learning the fundamentals of how to "catch a wave!" Contact us

Family Cooking Class

Food and cookery is a wonderful way to bring families together in the kitchen, and this time, you won’t have any dishwashing to worry about! Join our culinary experts to see first-hand where our seasonal and organic produce is grown. Enjoy the chance to harvest fresh ingredients and use them to cook up a delicious meal to share. Contact us

Eco Tour and Workshops

Connect with beautiful Mother Nature in fun-filled eco-explorations and sustainable workshops. Tour our organic farm to learn about how we tend and grow our fresh fruits and veggies and select the freshest organic eggs. Make unique art pieces from nature using leaves for tie-dye, or get out and about on a scavenger hunt, building sandcastles and making and flying kites. Contact us