Namm Spa – Relax, revitalise and rebalance

Namm, pronounced “nahm”, is the Thai word for “water” – an essential element for healing. At Namm Spa, the skilful touch of well-trained therapists will erase the stress of modern life and rejuvenate your body and senses. Step into a serene sanctuary, pamper your senses and redefine your inner balance and outer beauty.

Opening Hours:  11:00-22:00 For reservations, please call +1 671647 9720

Body Treatments

Lemongrass Salt Body Scrub60 minutes

In this invigorating scrub, sea salt is mixed with lemongrass oil to deeply cleanse, buff roughness away, and stimulate circulation as well as creating warmth in the body. This ultra-fresh formula will keep your skin soft and velvety with a healthy and youthful radiance.

Date & Cardamom Body Scrub60 minutes

Say goodbye to dry skin with an indigenous recipe packed with revitalising vitamins. Dates work as an excellent moisturiser to protect skin from dryness, whilst cardamom powder gently stimulates circulation for a warm finish. Meanwhile, natural grains of ground rice remove worn out skin cells to leave your skin smoother, with an even tone and healthy colouring.

Gold Nourishing Body Scrub60 minutes

The healing power of natural ingredients is harnessed in this scrub. Soothing and healing snow lotus is combined with gold leaf, used for its supreme anti-ageing benefits, plus licorice extract for ultimate brightening. Infused with oil of angelica root, this scrub leaves your skin smooth, fresh and well-nourished, with an uplifting aroma.

Pink Kaolin Nourishing Body Mask60 minutes

An ultra-moisturising and hydrating body mask, designed to recondition dry, dehydrated or sun-damaged skin. This treatment begins with full-body brushing followed by an application of Pink Kaolin clay combined with nutrient-rich treatment oils. While you are warmly cocooned, a deeply relaxing scalp massage reinvigorates your mind. A perfect full body thirst quencher for tired sensitive skin.

Caramel Sea Mud Body Mask60 minutes

The ultimate jet lag reviver, using mud derived from the Dead Sea. This natural clay wrap is rich in sulphur and trace elements, helping to re-mineralise skin, reduce cellulite, drain excessive water retention and relieve muscle stiffness after a long journey. Gentle enough for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Whitening Seaweed Body Mask60 minutes

Specially designed to contour and firm the body, this slimming treatment uses multi-colour seaweed that contains an anti-fat compound. The high iodine content in this marine plant assists in stimulating blood circulation and regulating the body’s metabolism to burn excess fat, whilst its powerful minerals restore skin tone and vitality.

Glow2.0 hours

This ultra-radiance package incorporates a 30-minute body scrub and a 90-minute body massage for total relaxation.

Thermal Stones Ritual2.0 hours

A perfect combination of heat and relaxation for tired, aching muscles. This therapy combines the application of heated black basalt stones to relieve aches and pains and stimulate blood circulation, with a 30-minute relaxing facial massage.

Serene3.0 hours

Heal your body, mind and spirit in a calming environment with a 30-minute Thai Herbal Steam followed by a 30-minute Arabian Honey and Milk Bath and a 30-minute body mask. Concludes the ritual with a 90-minute body massage.

Delight3.0 hours

This full-body experience promotes complete relaxation and revitalisation. Start with a 30-minute Thai Herbal Steam, a 30-minute body scrub and a 30-minute body mask, and conclude with a 90 minute-body massage.

Charm3.0 hours

This face and body rejuvenation journey helps skin regain impeccable clarity and smoothness with a wonderful combination of a 30-minute body scrub, a 90-minute body massage and a 60-minute facial.

Facial Treatments

Anti-aging Facial60 minutes

Combat the signs of aging and maintain a youthful glow with the power of algae for effective cell renewal. Its antioxidant properties provide protection against free radicals, fiber destruction and skin sagginess. Emerge with diminished fine lines and wrinkles and a more youthful appearance in the skin.

Nourishing & Soothing Facial60 minutes

Designed for those who have dry and sensitive skin, this facial combines ocean minerals, lavender and almond oils, to gently eliminate impurities and dead cells, soothe away redness and restore hydration. Fresh, soothed and nourished, your complexion becomes naturally radiant and soft to touch.

Skin Fitness for Men Facial60 minutes

An experience specially formulated for the needs of male skin. This facial deeply cleanses and tightens the skin pores, removing dead skin cells with AHA acid. After impurities are whisked away, a balancing skin mask hydrates and brightens the complexion for a more healthy and handsome look.

Age Defying Ice Facial60 minutes

A contouring and firming facial designed to combat the visible signs of ageing; excellent for mature, dry and dehydrated skin. Innovative Anne Semonin neuro cosmetic ingredients are combined with active serums and advanced cryotherapy ice cubes to regain the skin’s natural youthful glow. The result is instantly tightened and firmed skin. Boost your vitality for special events.

Ultimate Facial Cleanse75 minutes

Ideal for oily, congested or problematic skin, this purifying treatment combines a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory peel-off mask and aromatic complexes with a rebalancing lymphatic drainage massage to soothe, calm and rebalance the skin for a visibly clearer complexion.

Relaxing Facial Massage30 minutes

The relaxing and soothing techniques used in this facial massage tone and ease the facial muscles, boosting circulation, eliminating toxins and helping the skin to regain its youthful qualities. An excellent addition to any treatment or as a standalone indulgence.

Refreshing Facial30 minutes

A quick and effective way to refresh and brighten the skin, our express facial cleanses, exfoliates, nourishes and moisturises, leaving the skin looking renewed and soft. Products are especially selected for your skin type.


Anti-Stress Back Massage45 minutes

Excellent for those who are high on stress but short on time, this massage focuses on the neck, upper back and shoulders, where most stress is accumulated. The soothing hand movements, together with an aromatic oil blend, work into the muscle and soft tissue to relieve stress and tension.

Swedish Harmony60/90 minutes

This ultimate relaxing experience comprises long soothing strokes to warm the muscles, a kneading technique to release tension, coupled with circular movements to increase the circulation.

Deep Tissue Harmony60/90 minutes

This therapeutic and energising body work features a soothing compress to relieve muscle tension on the back area, together with deep-tissue massage to ease away tension and aches.

Thai Harmony60/90 minutes

The traditional Thai massage blends a strong and invigorating technique, using the fingers to target pressure points, with passive body stretching to alleviate muscle fatigue and tension. Performed on traditional Thai mattresses without oil, this full body massage reduces tension, improves flexibility and promotes inner balance.

Hot Stone Harmony90 minutes

This relaxing therapy uses heated black basalt stones placed on targeted areas to relieve aches and pains and to stimulate blood circulation to balance your energy.

Head & Shoulder Massage30 minutes

Focusing on the head, neck and shoulders, this massage is ideal for relieving stress and promoting a restful sleep.

Specialty Retreats

Thai Heritage Therapy2.0 hoursUSD210

Authentic Thai therapies and herbal medicines have been created by traditional Thai doctors within the Thai Royal Family for more than 2000 years. These precious legacies have been passed down from generation to generation throughout the kingdom.

The Thai Heritage Therapy program combines the essence of Thai therapy to bring body and mind into our equilibrium. A cleansing Hermit’s Body Twist is followed by an aromatherapy massage with aromatic oils blended for their powers of relaxation.  The therapy ends with a pressure-point massage all over the body, for a sense of balance and renewal.

The Ultimate Namm Spa Journey3.5 hoursUSD370

From the crown of your head to the tips of your toes, this journey will leave you with the feeling of total well-being and harmony. Start your ritual by bathing in nourishing oil infused with naturally soothing tiare flowers. Your skin is polished to perfection with sea salts rich in trace elements and minerals, relieving stress and revealing a youthful glow. Your body is then enveloped in pink kaolin clay, which comforts and nourishes dehydrated skin, followed by a full-body massage to ease away any stress. Conclude your journey with a brightening facial, using unique cryotherapy ice cubes to contour and firm your skin.


Spa Policies

Arrival Time

Please check in at the spa reception at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Arriving late will result in a reduction of your treatment time.

Cancellation Policy

Because treatments are reserved especially for you, any appointments cancelled with less than 6 hours’ notice and any “no-shows” will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the reserved treatment price.


Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.


Spa treatments and spa memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable unless otherwise stated.

Spa Protocol

We kindly request that mobile phones be turned to silent mode and that noise be kept to a minimum to allow all guests to enjoy the serenity of the spa. Children under 15 years are not permitted in the spa. Smoking and consumption of alcohol in the spa is not allowed.

Special Considerations

Before undertaking spa treatments, please consult your health practitioner if you have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart condition or any other medical complication. Guests are asked to complete a health questionnaire. Please advise reception if you have any health issues or concerns.

Contact Lenses

We recommend you remove your contact lenses before your facial treatment. Please bring your own case and solution for lenses.


Jewellery and valuables may be placed in secured drawers in treatment rooms; we recommend that no jewellery be worn in the spa. The management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables brought into the spa.

Accidents or Injuries

Namm Spa shall not be liable for any accident or injury suffered by any member or guest.

Extra Time

We offer private changing and showering facilities in each of our treatment rooms. In addition to your treatment time, we allow 15 minutes for changing and showering. Extra time is charged for each 15 minutes or part thereof. Please let us know in advance if you require extra showering or changing time so that we may reserve your room.