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Treatments and therapies designed to invigorate the mind, body and senses. 

Set over the hotel’s entire 29th floor, the exquisite Devarana Spa is a haven of relaxation ancient ‘East-meets-West’ Thai health and beauty practices have been updated and enhanced by the use of high-quality spa products and herbal preparations crafted from fresh, natural ingredients.

Body Luminous

Living Radiance1.5 hrs / 2.0 hrsQAR 740 / QAR 940

Restore the skin’s natural radiance with a body scrub performing with the technique according to your personal preference that help smoothening the skin, followed by a 60/90 minute body massage, using natural essential oil blends.

Thai Herbal Mud Reviver2.0 hrsQAR 940

A rejuvenating treatment that begins with a light dry brushing to encourage lymphatic flow and circulation, followed by Thai Herbal Mud wrap and complete with Detoxified & Contoured Massage. Your body will feel renewed.

Maritime Essence2.5 hrsQAR 1,050

This treatment utilizes the toning and moisturising properties of brown and green seaweed. A delightful sea salt and jojoba body polish enriched with thyme, cypress and orange flower essences begins this treatment, followed by a wrap in warm massage sheet with a neck and head massage and finally a 60 minutes aromatic oil massage for total wellbeing.

Essential Glow2.5 hrs / 3.0 hrsQAR 1,050 / QAD 1,300

Tailored for those seeking healthier and clearer complexion and a stress free body. Indulge with a personalized body scrub, followed by seaweed wrap or Thai Herbal Mud Wrap and a 60/90-minute massage.

Body Treatment

Algae & Green Tea Body Scrub60 minsQAR 480

Blending green tea with seaweed from Brittany Sea, a moisturizing and detoxifying body scrub recipe to protect skin from sun damage as well as to stimulate skin toning.

Lavender Body Scrub60 minsQAR 480

A lavender scrub induces relaxation with its soothing aroma, and at the same time gently cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, leaving your skin smooth, and velvety refreshed with a radiant glow.

Rose Petal Body Scrub60 minsQAR 480

Rose petal has long been used for softening and rejuvenating skin. Its nourishing and soothing properties help induce skin elasticity and excellent for anti-aging, leaving the skin fresh and smooth with uplifting aroma.

Hydrothermal Programme

The Ultimate Hammam Experience60 minsQAR 750

Begin the luxury cleansing ritual with steam and warm shower using the traditional black soap, followed by the traditional vigorous loofah body scrub and complete the ritual with the time-honored Moroccan soap massage with the various stretching movements.

Hydrothermal Experience3.0 hrsQAR 1200

Independently experience the holistic effect of these hydrothermal benefits for cleansing and detoxifying. The heat and humidity steam stimulates the blood circulation and helps in the detoxification. Enjoy the warm Jacuzzi bath before relaxing your body in a heavenly sauna or steam.

Relaxing Massage

Ginger Compress & Back Massage60 minsQAR 500

This massage puts warm gingers on the back and lets their heating effect to relieve aches and pains. After the compress, soothing Swedish techniques work onto back, neck and shoulders.

Swedish Massage60 mins / 90 minsQAR 500 /QAR 700

This classic massage is excellent for relaxing using long, soothing strokes to relieve tension. Pressure can vary from soft to medium, in accordance to your personal preference.

Devarana Signature Massage90 minsQAR 720

This massage combines strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques with Swedish and Aromatherapy for the ultimate relaxing experience. It comes together with a bowl of hot water with fresh kaffir lime and orange for inhalation.

Shilomi Massage60 mins / 90 minsQAR 500 / QAR 700

An energising body work on the deep layer of muscles, it is combined deep tissue, Shiatsu and Lomi Lomi massage techniques. Muscle pains are melted away. Excellent for those who enjoy firm pressure massage.

Traditional Thai Massage90 minsQAR 700

Thai Massage, incorporating pressure point and stretching techniques to relax muscles, relieve soreness, promote circulation and stimulate the nerve meridians of the body.


Sensitive Essence Facial60 minsQAR 600

A mineral -rich facial designed to rehydrate and replenish the skin, leaving it gloriously renewed. Using several different kinds of seaweeds with aromatic oil and plant extracts, the 90-minute session includes a reflexology foot and hand massage.

Soothing Sea for Men60 minsQAR 600

Recommended for skin care that keeps men looking healthy and handsome, here’s a refreshing facial using seaweed, aromatic oil and plant extracts, precisely tailored for men, to deeply cleanse the skin, enhance the moisture balance and restore natural radiance, for that fresh and revitalized appearance,, the 90-minute session includes a reflexology foot and hand massage.

Body and Face Rejuvenation2.5 hrsQAR 1,150

Our most popular package. An unwind experience of a 60-minute facial and a 90 - minute body massage provides a sense of renewal for face and body.

Ultimate Glow3.0 hrsQAR 1,300

Tailored for those seeking healthier and clearer complexion and a stress free body. Indulge with a facial and body scrub, and complete with a 90-minute massage.

Hydrating Facial60 minsQAR 600

Accumulative sun damage leaves skin dry and dehydrated. This facial starts with thorough cleansing followed by the application of Vitamin C and seaweed to hydrate, purify, brighten and make your skin radiant, the 90 - minute session includes a reflexology foot and hand massage.

Rejuvenating Facial60 minsQAR 600

A restorative facial for anti-aging and problem skin using anti-aging mask to stimulate and protect your skin. The active ingredients stimulate circulation and detoxify the deep layers, leaving skin toned and moisturized, the 90 - minute session includes an additional reflexology foot and hand massage.

Specialty Treatment For Doha

Arabian Promise3.0 hrsQAR 1,350

Inspired from sun, desert sand dune and Arabian aromatic essential scents of Frankincense and Rose, this exclusive spa pampering journey rejuvenates your skin and uplifts your mind through Arabian Rose Bath and Arabian Rose Body Scrub. Thermal Desert Sand Massage is followed using thermal sand compress to relieve muscle tension on the back area together with choice of Sport Massage or Swedish Massage techniques performing with Arabian aromatic oil.

The Heavenly Nantha Garden Experience2.5 hrsQAR 1,250

In the work of ancient Thai literature called Tribhumphraruang, Nantha was described as a garden situated at Heaven’s gate, with magical flowers and herbs. Devarana Spa brings the divine garden to life by gathering a generous amount of fresh pink lotus and champaca petals with the exquisite oil blend from ylang ylang and jasmine to create a truly heavenly experience. This soothing treatment comforts your skin and uplifts your mind. It combines Devarana Bath, Devarana Body Scrub and Devarana Massage that combines the strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques with Swedish and aromatherapy influences for the ultimate in relaxation and pampering.

The Harmony of Tad Si – the Traditional Thai Medicine2.0 hrs QAR 980

An ancient Thai therapy is based on the Buddhist teaching that the human body is composed of Tad Si or four elements of earth, water, wind and fire. Traditional Thai medicine also believes that diseases are caused by two main reasons: first, an imbalance of the four elements in the body, and second that the mind is governed by ‘ego’ and ego leads to unhealthy emotions of attachment, aggression and obscuration that can disturb the body harmony.

The Harmony of Tad Si combines a Thai herbal compress dipped into aromatic oil tailored to each guest’s body element, with Thai Massage, incorporating pressure point and stretching techniques to relax muscles, relieve soreness, promote circulation and stimulate the nerve meridians of the body.

Water Treatment

Moisturizing Oatmeal and Honey Bath30 minsQAR 350

This moisturizing bath combines soothing oatmeal and natural honey to hydrate and clean your skin . This mild and gentle recipe is especially for with sensitive and delicate skin condition.

Luxury Milk & Roses Bath30 minsQAR 350

For all skin types, this romantic milk bath, filled with fresh rose petals, creates harmony and an unforgettably relaxing sensation. It soothesthe emotions whilst softening and nourishing your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and lightly scented with a classic floral fragrance.

Wellness Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage60 minsQAR 500

After cleansing the feet with a refreshing salt scrub, pressure is systematically applied to stimulate the nerve reflexes in the feet. These points correspond to all major body parts and organs, improving total body functioning and restoring balance and harmony to the body.

Shiroabhyanga60 minsQAR 500

A traditional Ayurvedic oil massage for the head, neck and shoulders. It is good for toxin removal for wellbeing. Before the session, your therapist pours warm oil onto your forehead to help relaxing the nervous system. Recommended to keep the oil on your hair and scalp overnight for a maximum benefit.

Detoxed & Contoured Massage60 mins / 90 minsQAR 500 / QAR 700

This treatment uses a medium, rhythmic stroke to increase the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system. It is excellent for the detoxification process. For the ultimate body cleanse, highly recommended in combination with Thai Herbal Mud Wrap.

Chakra Balance Massage60 mins / 90 minsQAR 500 / QAR 700

Using specially blended oils that stimulate the frequency of the seven energy centers of the body, the chakras are opened and revitalised. This synergistic experience of breathing in each of the powerful aromatic oils, leaves you feeling balanced.

Mind Calming Massage60 mins / 90 minsQAR 500 / QAR 700

This therapeutic treatment supports the mind to let go by addressing specific acupressure points on the neck, head, hands and feet. Using warm and cool compress to aid circulation and relaxation, stress & tension is vanished and body is developed a state of wellbeing.

Wellness Program

Stress Buster2.0 hrs / 2.5 hrsQAR 850 / QAR 1,000

Bust your stress and boost your energy with Aromatic Pink Lotus Milk Bath. Complete the stress busting session with Mind Calming Massage and a Yoga stretching therapy for the maximum balance of body and mind.

Power Nap2.5 hrs / 3.0 hrsQAR 1,200 / QAR 1,300

Power Nap treatments offer an emergency assistance for sleep-deprived people. Facilitate the napping journey with Lavender Body Scrub, a hot Milk Lavender Bath and Chakra Balancing Massage.

Body Slender2.5 hrs / 3.0 hrsQAR 1,200 / QAR 1,300

This non-invasive slimming program gives a boost to your weight loss goals by aiding fat loss, firming and toning the skin with Algae & Green Tea Body scrub, Thai Herbal Mud wrap and Detoxified & Contoured Massage.

Mind and Body Detox3.5 hrsQAR 1,450

Flush the environmental toxins out of your body and calm your mind with Thai Herbal Mud wrap and followed by a Detoxified and Contoured Massage and a Mind Calming Massage. Complete with foot reflexology to restore balance and harmony. Great for stressful people with poor digestion, constipation or have difficulty sweating.



Spa Offer

Relax and unwind at the luxurious Devarana Spa. Offering 100QR discount on any treatment or massage, enjoy a wide range of beauty treatments and massage therapies designed to invigorate the mind, body and senses using high-quality spa products and herbal preparations crafted from fresh, natural ingredients.

Discount is valid from Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 15:00
Advance booking is required.
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Spa Policies

Arrival Time

Please check in at Spa Reception at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Arriving late will result in a reduction of treatment time.

Cancellation Policy

Because treatments are reserved especially for you, appointments cancelled with less than 6 hours notice will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the reserved treatment cost or QAR 250 per hour per person if no treatments have been selected. The full reserved treatment cost or QAR 500 per hour per person will be imposed for a “no-show”.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for spa treatments and retail products are available for purchase.


Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.


Spa treatments and spa memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable unless otherwise stated.

Spa Protocol

We kindly request that mobile phones be turned to silent mode and that noise be kept to a minimum to allow all guests to enjoy the serenity of the spa. Children under 15 years are not permitted in the spa. Smoking and consumption of alcohol in the spa is not allowed.

Special Considerations

Before undertaking spa treatments, please consult your health practitioner if you have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart condition or any other medical complication. Guests are asked to complete a health questionnaire. Please advise reception if you have any health issues or concerns.

Contact Lenses

We recommend you remove your contact lenses before your facial treatment. Please bring your own case and solution for lenses.


Jewellery and valuables may be placed in secured drawers in treatment rooms; however we recommend that no jewellery be worn in the spa. The management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables brought in to the spa.

Accidents or Injuries

Devarana Spa shall not be liable for any accident or injury suffered by any member or guest.

Extra Time

We offer private changing and showering facilities in each of our treatment rooms. In addition to your treatment time, we allow 15 minutes for changing and showering. Extra time is charged at QAR 125 for each 15 minutes or part thereof. Please let us know in advance if you require extra showering or changing time so that we may reserve your room.